A Journey into the Mind of a Toddler

Because why SHOULDN’T a rocking horse start with keys?

Notice the part where he comes running towards me saying “baby, baby” once he realizes I’m videoing him?

He’s gotten to the point that anytime I take out my camera or iphone or video recorder he knows that there will be an image or video to playback with a “baby” on it. Same goes for anytime he sees me on my laptop.. he pushes me away and demands to be picked up so he can see the “baby.” He knows that 9 times out of 10 if I am on my computer I am looking at or editing pictures of babies!

Smart little buggers these toddlers are..



Kisses from me and Jasper..

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Maggie says:

Like Alicia, I hope the blog break means that you’re just having an extra awesome holiday and will post again soon! I miss you! (In that weird blog stalker way, heh)

Alicia says:

Hope your blog silence simply means you’re taking a well-deserved Holiday Break, spending qt with little Jasper, and gearing up for awesome New Year’s posts! Wishing you a very awesome and Happy 2010. Hugs and Love!