First Snow Storm

What I love about this age is that everything is like a first – even if technically our toddlers were around for them last year, this year is the first where we as parents get to watch them experience everything as aware little people that interact and react to their environments. So even though it snowed last year,  this is the first time Jasper got to go out in his little snowsuit, fur hat and mittens and actually play in the snow.. such fun!




He really enjoyed it, particularly he loved being hit by snowballs and being pulled in the sled.

One thing he didn’t like though was when he would fall over hands first into the snow. But otherwise we had a great time and he didn’t even seem as shocked as I would have thought if, i don’t know, I woke up one morning and the whole world was inexplicably turned blue.  He kinda took it all in stride.

I’m glad though that his “first” Christmas will be white!

How did your little ones like their first snow? I loved logging into facebook and seeing mobile upload after mobile upload of all the little ones bundled up in their snow gear!

PS:  you may have noticed that taking pictures in the snow is extremely challenging!!  If you shoot in automatic mode your camera will chronically underexpose your subjects because all of the snow makes your camera think there is TONS of light in the scene so it will adjust the SS or aperture accordingly.  This is where shooting in manual mode comes in really handy. But even more than that, being able to read your histogram and adjust if you see anything being blown out (the red channel particularly is prone to clipping in the snow).  If you aren’t doing those things already, now is good time to practice!

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Kimberly says:

My God, these are precious and priceless! He’s SO BUNDLED UP! Lol… I love it. James detests being bundled in his snowsuit and gloves and hat… I can’t believe how HAPPY Jasper looks!

Maddie says:

gorgeous. just gorgeous.

ariana says:

@Ava, the miracle workers at daycare have been taking him outside with the “big kids” because he’s transferring to the toddler room and so now he’s used to putting it on right before going outside! I also am always putting on a hat and my hood and saying “mommy’s hood” and putting his on and saying “jasper’s hood” and he’s been warming up to it – thank god!!

@Alicia Jeff’s cousins gave us that awesome sled last xmas.. !

Alicia says:

Jasper doesn’t even look cold! Our lips would all be bluish if it was us! Really awesome pics! I love the sled – such a perfect photo prop and actual fun ride!

Ava says:

BTW, how did you manage to keep the hat on?

Ava says:

Oh yeah, G was not amused. We had to drive an hour to get to some fake snow and he was not impressed. It didn’t help that it was raining and cold either.

I wish we had a true white Christmas for him, but no go… at least not where we live.

I’m excited to take him to see some real snow though. I’m hoping he’ll enjoy it more.

Awesome that Jasper enjoyed it this much though. What a great time!

jbhat says:

What a great snow outfit and sled. Those pictures make me *sort of* wish it would snow here. It looks like so much fun.

Justina says:

Your 2nd shot of Jasper here looks fantastic! :) Have a blessed (and white!) christmas! :)