Christmas Card Design

I figured since I complained so much about my Christmas card photoshoot attempts, it’s only fair to post the final results!  So from this photoshoot with the rocker and this first shoot with the Mark II I came up with this:

I was so excited to finally have these finished that I ordered 50! Yes 50.  Now, if they could only address themselves… ;)

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Katie says:

These are wonderful.

ariana says:

Connie, actually it’s a free photoshop brush that I found shared by a woman named Sharon on You have to be a member and logged in to see the URL :)

Connie says:

So pretty! Jasper looks so cute! Did you design that damask background image yourself too?

kari says:

l o o v e

Alicia says:

Really chic and fresh – love it!

ariana says:

Thanks all!

Beth, I used mostly photoshop, though I did create that marquis shape in illustrator – I find it much easier to create shapes with the pen tool in illustrator than in photoshop, I’m not sure why it doesn’t work well in PS for me!

Ava, I did that for our wedding invitations.. i don’t know if my address list is that organized now. Ultimately I think I’ll end up doing them by hand. Ya know, in my “free” time ;)

Lindsey, definitely the big brown eyes. He’s such a cutie pie!

kerri says:

these are so wonderful!!! so talented you are!!!

jbhat says:

A “rockin'” Christmas–too cute! I wish I were on your mailing list. : )


heartartz says:

and of course THE cutest model too!

Lindsey says:

So cute! So you mentioned before on Flickr that Jasper and Ben (my son) look a little alike. Seriously they do! Only in certain pictures but they definitely remind me of each other. It’s those beautiful big brown eyes!

Great job and good luck addressing them all!

Jules says:

Adorable! He looks so sweet in every picture.

Ava says:

Only 50? Nah, I’m just kidding.

In terms of addressing, why not print out your envelopes? I just did an MS Mail Merge. I had all my recipients in an Excel file and then did envelopes for them using that information. I prefer it this way since 1) less hand cramping; 2) I can match the font/color of the letters to that of the card itself. Some year I’d like to also print matching designs on the envelopes as well, but I need to invest some time figuring that out in Word. I’m sure no-one else will notice, but hey, it’s the little details that are important to me.

Beth says:

They are awesome! Very cute. :) What program did you use to make them?

Heather says:

It’s adorable! I love what you’ve done with the design.

Dawn says:

Love it! Great design (as always)!