Making Bedtime More Cozy

Katie asked about the velour crib sheet I mentioned in passing in the Toddler’s and Blankets SOS. I’ve been meaning to post about it for a while, so thanks Katie for the nudge!

Jasper used to always cry when I put him down for naps and at bedtime. Usually not more than a minute or so, but still, I wanted to try something to make the transition to the crib a little smoother.

One thing I think we all instinctively feel is that cribs aren’t particularly cozy – a cold sheet, no pillow and blanket – it’s no wonder the transition isn’t so easy!  So I decided to add two things to Jasper’s crib, a soft blanket (a lovey really) and a Carter’s velour crib sheet (also available at BRU).

The lovey blanket we also picked up at BRU, though I don’t see it on their website.. the colors matched Jasper’s nursery perfectly!

CoCaLo Emory Sherpa Blanket

CoCaLo Emory Sherpa Blanket

Obviously the exact blanket doesn’t matter, just that it’s soft and cozy!  Of course toddlers sleeping with blankets can be controversial and you must feel comfortable with this – if you are not, just the velour crib sheet will really make a difference.  How much you ask?

The day after I put on his new crib sheet he started playing this “game” with us when we would go to get him in the morning where he would lay down, and just look at you.. like he didn’t really want to get up!

These changes alone didn’t imake going down for bed or nap a completely tearless afair until I started saying “Good night Jasper” after his last book and then holding him and singing 4 short songs while I rock him in my arms. If I do this, there are no tears at all!

I think the little extra step in between books and bed really helps transition him into sleepy time.

It seems strange rethink something so simple at his age (like shouldn’t I have figured this out a long time ago?) but sometimes little changes can make a huge difference and a welcome change!

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Kimberly says:

I ordered velour sheets in blue and chocolate from Amazon… the brown is backordered, but I’m excited to try them! Thanks for yet another great tip! :)

ariana says:

Kimberly – I guess it’s the time of year! I hope people can find them at their local BRU, otherwise amazon has all the velour colors except sage (which is the one we have).

ariana says:

Hi Sarah, I’m glad you delurked, I HOPE your little one starts cooperating! I don’t know if you’ve read any of my old posts on sleep issues, but ours weren’t solved until jasper turned 6 months and I threw in the towel and Ferberized him.. not something I wanted to do, but I couldn’t get him to fall asleep any other way!

Sarah C. says:

Ariana, I’ve been reading your blog for awhile, but this is my first comment. As the mother of a 5.5 month old boy who regularly resists sleep, I ordered the velour crib sheet today. I’m willing to try anything at this point!

I love your photos, and Jasper is adorable.

Raleigh, NC

Kimberly says:

There are a bunch of them on but all listed as out of stock. Incidentally, so are the velour ones. :(

ariana says:

Kimberly, I didn’t see them, but maybe I wasn’t looking hard enough!

Sara B. says:

Thanks for the tip – I just ordered one of those crib sheets for Marino! I also rock my boy to sleep…its the best part of my day. I bring him upstairs to his room drowsy and say “night night” and 95% of the time, he goes right to sleep (the other 5% he screams bloody murder and we try again!).

I found flannel crib sheets at Target last winter. They definitely help in keeping the baby cozy and warm!

Kimberly says:

You couldn’t find flannel? I have a flannel sheet for James, (I’m not sure where I got it… I assume BRU)… but I’m thinking he might need one of these velour sheets for Christmas! ;) I also run a space heater in James’ room at night, since for some reason his room is one of the coldest in our house, while our master bedroom right next door roasts. Half-ass duct work in new construction… boo.

Verbal prep for transitions and routines are critical for kids… some moreso than others… I teach this to “my” parents all the time!

jbhat says:

Babies and kiddos are ALL ABOUT transitions and routines. Our kiddos is almost 5 and he still benefits from “Okay, in two minutes, it will be time to stop working with your airplanes, and to go in and wash your hands before dinner.” If I forget and spring the need for handwashing on him, there is inevitably a wailing protest that he doesn’t “want” to. But the heads up that a transition is coming makes it easier on everyone.

Jenna says:

Thanks so much for posting about this sheet. I’ve been meaning to look for something warmer & cozier for my daughter’s crib this winter. That looks perfect!

ariana says:

Molly, our house is the same way. I know I LOVE flannel sheets in the winter and couldn’t find any for baby, the velour is the next best thing..

Molly says:

I sing to Landon before I put him down too! Seriously, works like a charm! I might try out that sheet. We live in a very old drafty house and I am constantly worrying if he is warm enough! I know I am never warm enough in this house. It’s like living in an igloo.