A Weekend of Firsts..

But not Jasper’s first weekend away :(

He woke up from his nap Friday afternoon with a fever – no other symptoms at all. It came and went mostly spiking in the evening until yesterday he was fever free so he could go back to daycare today.  I was so sad to miss out on our weekend in the Berkshires with friends. It was also going to be a trial run for potential bigger trips in the future, but it wasn’t meant to be.

So no first weekend getaway, but Jasper did have a few other firsts, like his first time climbing onto an adult piece of furniture.. and also lead to his first time falling off of one (onto his head!)

I had my camera handy during one of his chair climbing sessions:



Sick Boy

Shot with my Canon 5D Mark II and 50 mm 1.4 lens at 1.6, 1/200 ISO 400.

Another new development is the fact that he has been putting words together like “lights press” when he wants to flip the light switch for example.. it’s pretty exciting to see this rudimentary form of sentences!

One other change I’ve noticed taking place over the last week is that he’s becoming MUCH more interested in toys again. Perhaps the novelty of exploring the house has finally worn off but he’s taken to going into the dining room, plopping himself on one of the beanbags we have in there and declaring “TOYS!” which means “Someone come in here and play with me now!”

One thing that he’s started to really love is a toy that his Daddy’ designed for Toys R Us (ironically it was given to him as a birthday present by a cousin who had no idea Jeff designed it!).

Imaginarium Natural Wood 28-Piece Alphabet Blocks Set

Jasper thinks it’s HYSTERICAL when we build up the blocks and then they get knocked over and I say “ooops”.   But what I really can now appreciate about these blocks are the little designs that are burned into the sides.. apple, tree, bear, bee, tree etc. Lots of words he knows and likes to say or is learning.

And one more new development that I thought was so cool – he can actually catch a ball! We had to show him how to hold his arms out in front of him, but once we did that he started catching like a golden glove winner.  I’m so proud :)

I hope you all had a great weekend!

PS: We did end up putting up a tree and he doesn’t touch it at all (though he does like to smell it!) Phew!

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Kimberly says:

Sucks that you had to skip your weekend getaway…
but seriously cute photos, as per usual. Unusual to see you post black and whites, though!

jbhat says:

Jeff designed that? That’s so cool! I should get one for our bebe.

I’m glad Jasper is not touching the tree. I knew he’d be okay. Hope he’s feeling better soon.

Also, my 4.11 year old son still cannot catch a ball. Whoops. So good for Jasper.


kerri says:

oh my god…could he be cuter!!!!