Christmas Miracles..

For those of you who didn’t see it already on facebook, here are two Christmas miracles that happened at daycare yesterday. If Jasper’s daycare teacher Chastity caught these moments on her iPhone or I never would have believed that they happened!

1) Jasper wearing a HAT to play outside with the toddlers! (Big furry Russian style hat from H&M baby – poor kid’s head was super sweaty after!)


2) Jasper eating BROCCOLI! Yes, a vegetable! He’s been offered broccoli a million times at daycare, but yesterday he actually ate it:


TWO helpings worth!

I’m hoping this is a the first of many more breakthroughs – hey, a girl can dream!

In other news, in response to my own mommy SOS from yesterday about winter boots, we are going to give these a try:

BEARPAW Toddler Dream Short Boot

The smallest size they come in is a size 5 (Jasper is a 4) but the only bad review I saw of them said they run on the small side, so I don’t think this should be a problem. Plus, they need to last us through march the way the winter’s go here in the Northeast, so I would have wanted to order a size up anyway. The soles look pretty thick, I’ll let you know how he does walking in them.

I always forget to mention at the end of my Mommy SOS posts to please email me at ariana@becoming-mom dot net if you have a mommy SOS idea!

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Mike says:

I love this post! Jasper is so sweet!

Lisa says:

Jasper is a super cute little dude! Conor has that brown ON coat, too :)

Goldy S says:

Thanks a mil for the link!! I just ordered them in a size 7 for my son! Did you know that if you order it from an Amazon seller (not Shoebuy through Amazon) they are 40-50% off? I got them for 1/2 off with free shipping!!! Thanks SO much!!!!

jenn says:

wow – a hat and broccoli! Luca pulls his hats off still. i looked at those boots too but it said th eopening was narrow and hard to get on a wiggling foot. i will stay tuned to see how they work for you and jasper! i am still on the hunt for a cute pair that has a zipper or opens wide with velcro :)

Justina says:

Yay on both fronts! Jude still refuses to eat the broccoli, and is now good at digging it out of his mouth whenever we mix it in with other stuff!

ariana says:

I tried broccoli today with him again and he wouldn’t eat it – at home or at daycare! That was one quick miracle Santa.. grrrr.

jbhat says:

I think our kiddo also lives a dual life sometimes, with how he is at home versus how he is at his preschool.

Japser looks very fetching in his winter gear.

Molly says:

Good job on the broccoli! Landon loves it, which I think it totally weird. Still no go on keeping a hat on his head though. And it’s a toasty 12 degrees outside today. No way are we going out to play if the kid refuses to wear a hat!

Kimberly says:

Wow… broccoli AND a hat??? ;) A miracle, indeed! How adorable is he??? Those boots are super cute… I’m still on the hunt for some for James that are snow- and waterproof. I bought him a little snow suit (like ski bibs) yesterday at Target, but they were all out of boys’ boots… they had a ton for girls… wth? But I’ll keep searching!