Mommy SOS: Winter Boots?

The secret to happy holdiay shopping - cheddar bunnies!

The secret to happy holiday shopping - cheddar bunnies!

We made the mistake of taking Jasper to the mall on Sunday.. while millions of other babies sit or sleep contently  in their strollers, Jasper is writhing, trying to climb out and screaming to be picked up, or worse, wants to walk around on his own (withOUT holding mommy’s hand of course.)

It does not make for a pleasant shopping experience.

Later that night I brought him to target to get some essentials and we were in the food isle and we passed by cheddar bunnies at which point he pointed to them and started frantically signing and  saying “more, more, more”  because as much as he despises real food he LOVES his snacks – and cheddar bunnies are his absolute favorite. It wasn’t really a question of IF I would have to buy and OPEN the box but rather how quick..

…and voila – a completely calm and pleasant shopping partner! Look at him, he looks like he’s in an armchair watching Sunday football.I guess I won’t be shopping without cheddar bunnies again!

While we were there I found these awesome Ministar fur-lined boots boots for Jasper:

I was so happy that I’d found him something warm and easy to walk in.. not realizing that because he’s starting to transition to the toddler room at daycare and they would be taking him outside every day! These are cute, but he needs hard soles and something warm and waterproof  too.   I was thinking maybe about  waterproofed uggs, are they too bulky to walk in? Is it too toxic to spray them?

I was just talking on the phone with Sheri who said she bought a pair of target snow boots for her 14 month old son Aaron and he couldn’t walk in them at all –  he just stood there and then crawled to her like they were made of led!

So that (finally) brings me to the question at hand.. does anyone know of winter boots that are a) warm b) weatherproof to some extent and c) easy for toddlers to walk in?


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NewMomma says:

There’s a company out of Canada that makes great books and they actually stay on… They even make matching mittens and hats. They have videos on their website so you can see them in action. I bought them for my little girl and her feet have been staying cozy warm this winter.

Londen says:

My daughter wore stride rite stiff snow boots to cut down our first Christmas tree 3 years ago and couldnt walk very well in them. She fell and has a small scar on her face so I am crazy about good walking boots even at 3 1/2. The best are ecco boots, they are like shoes but warm and waterproof.

Samm Ivri says:

That is so funny. Jasper reminds me of Mia in so many ways when it comes to their temperment. I was just saying the other day that all the other kids/babies were sleeping at the mall while Mia was screaming OUT!. I’ll have to try cheddar bunnies. I feel your pain and am looking forward to an age when we can reason with them a little bit! I’ll probably be waiting 20 years for that!

vtjill says:

I got my DD some Kamik boots that seem great but the smallest was a size 5 (she is barely breaking into a size 4 shoe). I suspect they will be too klunky for her but I guess we’ll see. I also bought the Target ‘fuggs’ but I am not sure they will be sturdy enough outside in the amount of snow we get in VT.

carolyn says:

It’s hard to find boots for toddlers. Last year I bought my son a cheap pair at Target. He didn’t seem to have any trouble with them and he was roughly 12-16 months old during the winter. This year I got a pair of barely used Old Navy boots from a second hand store. I just checked the website and it doesn’t look like they have any this year (though I remember they did last year). My friend stuffed plastic grocery bags in a slightly-too-big pair of boots for her son and that worked for him. Good luck!

ariana says:

I remembered emus, and found some really cute rubber soled ones on Amazon.. but the reviews were terrible, said the soles separated from the boot :(

Then I came across these Robeez Infant/Toddler Thermal Bootie

The only thing is the one reviewer said the sizing seemed to be off.. hmmm.

Kimberly says:

Hmm… I was planning to look at Target, but if you didn’t find anything there, that’s discouraging. :( I really need to find James some snow pants, too, and waterproof mittens!

Sheri says:

The smallest size I can find is 5. (That was my guy Aaron, who wouldn’t walk in them.)

Lindsay, I know someone – it was Cjane, actually – who bought girl Ugg-boot-rip-off for her son at Target. Might be worth a try.

kim says:

My 16 month old walks fine in her “fuggs”. I got them at Target. It doesn’t snow here, so I don’t have to worry about spraying them.

Lindsay says:

My son isn’t to this point yet, but one of my friends whose son just turned 2 said that last winter he LIVED in his Ugg boots. She has been trying to find them in his size for this winter too, but hasn’t been able to find them yet. So maybe Ugg boots would be good? I know I love mine!

Amy says:

i’m really excited to see the responses to this question. i would especially like to know where you can find size 4?????