Talking and Kissing Caught on Video

When I go to visit Jasper at daycare he always does the cutest things like kisses his girlfriend Frida. Normally I leave my iphone in the car (otherwise Jasper wants to play with it) but yesterday I was determined to catch the kisses on camera, and finally I did!

I was so pleased with myself that I kept the iPhone on video and captured this one of Jasper talking.. I think it was the first time he said “mouth” so clearly and I got really excited (as you can hear when my voice goes up two octaves.)

It’s so funny to me how GOOD his speach is with certain words and with others he just makes up his own thing that isn’t even close to the real word.  Like he says “none” for “all done” which I understand, but he calls a phone a “lolololololo” for “hello hello hello” which is pretty cute, and makes total sense, it’s just funny because he’s heard the word “phone” a million times but he doesn’t even bother with it.  It’s one of my favorite things about this age.. the speach is just so damn cute! I find myself wanting to say things the way he does, like “nuh” for milk and “nack” for snacks and “baba” for water (?). I know I shouldn’t, but it’s hard to resist speaking in our own little Jasper language!

In other news I’m getting sick AGAIN.  I feel fluey and achy and I’m pissed. I’ve been sick more than well the entire month of November. I had two bad colds already and winter hasn’t even begun. I blame daycare of course, and I’m tired of hearing “it’s good he’s building up his immune system” because honestly, I’d rather have  sick 4 year old than 15 month old, at least 4 year olds can blow their nose and take cough medicine!

Besides which, if these are little bugs that you are supposed to get once and then be immune to why am I getting EVERY. SINGLE. ONE too? Where’s my immunity?

Ok, rant over..

So I’m going to try to get the hoiday gift guide done in time for Black Friday. Speaking of which, anyone want to share any awesome black friday deals they’ve been stalking?


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Sheri says:

Wow, Ariana, he’s becoing such a big guy! You should be proud. :)

ariana says:

Hi Maria,
I LOVE that CD. I had some of those songs on my itunes mix I posted about a while ago!!

Maria Naccarato says:

AWESOME videos! I love the excitement when a child does/says something new, what an amazing feeling.

I wanted to pass along this CD I was just listening to..for your gift guide, I love it and thought maybe other parents might like it too. —

Justina says:

Both videos were soooo cute!

Take care, and hope you get well soon…

kari says:

he is SO smart omg ariana… seriously?!? did i just see what i think i saw???

on the sickie front – i feel your pain. i NEVER EVER get sick! two weeks ago i had H1N1 on top of strep throat (thank god neither liam or kurt got either!) and on sunday i had a lovely case of the stomach flu… again, i am thankful i am the only one in the house who managed to catch both bugs… i think the little ones drain us of every ounce of health and energy we have struggled to muster up since becoming pregnant!

xo – feel better and HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you guys!

Samm Ivri says:

What a sweetie with all the kisses! And I absolutely love this talking stage. Its adorable – especially when they make up their own version of the word.

Kimberly says:

OMG, that is just absurdly cute! Jasper’s speech is so clear! Pretty amazing for a 15 month-old!

Hope you feel better soon… have you tried homeopathic Sambucol? I’m convinced it helps me when I feel like I’m coming down with something.

Mrs Brown says:

I know what you mean about feeling sick all the time. My doc said it was because I’m still nursing and that feeling sick is my body mounting a immune response so I can pass more antibodies on to DD. So I’m chalking it up to taking one for the team. Yeah, daycare! Neither DD or I had so much as a stuffy nose until she started daycare. Now it seems like we are sick all the time.

Joelle says:

Get better quick! It is no fun being sick. Excited for the gift guide.