Is there anything more magical than a baby’s expression when they are playing with bubbles?

Jasper is slightly obsessed with bubbles since starting Gymboree.  Now, we walks by the counter where I keep them and points up and says “bubble” several times a day. At gymboree (which is were we got these bubbles – theirs are the best!) he walks around after the bubble segment searching for any left over bubbles on the floor or way up in the air that no one else even notices.

I keep the bubbles handy for those times when I need a major redirection – which seems to be all too often these days!

In other Jasper news, he seems to be starting to actually want food again (figures it would be literally the same day that I had his prevacid Rx refilled.)

Last night I stuck his dinner in the toaster oven to warm up and we started playing in his baby jail and he looked at me and did the baby sign for eat! I was SOOOOOOO excited. Not because of the sign (he’s known that one for ever) but because he hasn’t actually USED it in I don’t know how long – the kid isn’t normally ever hungry! I literally RAN over to the toaster oven blowing furiously until everything cooled off before he could lose interest.

He has also started trying a few new things – and I’m extremely happy to say that he’s eating the Preager’s little broccoli bites.. You wouldn’t know it by the taste which is all potato, but the first ingredient is BROCCOLI!   Yes, he is now getting at least one vegetable in his diet on a regular basis. I couldn’t be more happy with this development. Unfortunately the widening of his limited palate didn’t extend to the spinach bites that I tried last night, but now at least I have hope that his diet won’t be limited to fish sticks and hot dogs for ever.

Thank you God.

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Shane says:

More bubble info from Lifehacker. I recalled reading these a while back and with G’s first intro to bubbles last week have been meaning to find them again.



Jenni says:

I’m a new poster on your blog – but my Son is in Love with bubbles – we also went to the Gymboree classes and they brought those out and it was over from there.
He spots bubbles from miles away.
I guess its the small things in life that truly make our kiddos happy?

Kate says:

Once again, LOVING the outfit. This kid is so fashionable!

Sherean says:

OMG that is the cutest thing ever! Why didn’t I think of that? I am totally running out and buying bubbles tomorrow. You rock!

(And for what it’s worth, Cigna doesn’t cover Hunter’s Prevacid at all. I guess they think he should take something OTC and I haven’t called to argue with them about it yet.)

Sarah says:

I cannot even tell you how many bottles of bubbles I’ve gone through with 3 kids. I could buy stock in the bubble company and be rich! There really isn’t any else more special to see their expression of curiosity and angst to get the bubbles. I love how he tried to eat the bubble too! Our oldest is 5 and he is still amused by bubbles. A cheap thrill!

Sarah says:

Sweet video — and congrats on the renewed appetite! Those brocolli bites are a success with Finn, too, and they’re actually not bad tasting. He still accepts purees I make, but is suddenly getting picky about his finger foods, and frequently drops them on the floor. I’m not sure if his preferences are changing or if he’s just trying to excercise control over mealtime. My guess is the latter — but regardless, I need more finger food ideas! I think Preager’s offers spinach as a main ingredient, too, and sweet potato pancakes (can’t remember the brand name we tried) have also been a hit.

jbhat says:

Glad to hear he’s eating! That’s great news.

Funny, but bubbles always stress me out. They are so messy. But perhaps I should try to get my hands on some of these Gymboree bubbles. Who knew? (We never did Gymboree with our kiddo–and now I think he’s been deprived!)

Yay! I’m so happy to hear that he’s eating more.

I had to laugh about trying the spinach bites, I think I do the same thing as you! I get so excited when Haiden has tried and liked ONE new thing that I go a little crazy and start introducing a bunch of new healthy stuff that I think he should be eating. “Oh, you like that veggie burger? Here, have some mixed up ground turkey, carrots and zucchini.” Then I wonder why he won’t eat anything but vanilla yogurt and string cheese for a few days!

Samm Ivri says:

YAY for eating, Jasper!! I was cracking up at the image of you frantically trying to cool off Jasper’s meal. I do the same thing.

Kimberly says:

That is too precious… Gymboree does make the best bubbles by far.

What wonderful news… I hope the trend continues!!! I also made a batch of nuggets similar to the recipe Jill posted… using chicken thighs (much higher calories than breast meat), steamed broccoli, and cheese. James usually gobbles them right up. I’ll even steal a bite here and there… they’re actually quite yummy! Good luck… hope the eating continues to improve! (I’m with you… I think I’d hold off on giving the Prevacid for a little while to see what happens.)

HamiHarri says:

Yay for eating! I still can’t stomach cooked spinach and I’m 25 years old – lol

kari says:

those bubbles are the best!! so sad, our gymboree went out of business – we have a my gym though.. so not the same!
speaking of gymboree… is jasper hanging off the monkey bars yet?? LOL j/k!
congrats on all :)
cute video!

Justina says:

Yay! That’s great to hear! :)

Jill says:

Gymboree bubbles defy gravity! They are so great and we go through a ton of them around here, too. Kendall automatically associates Gymboree with bubbles and thinks that’s the only reason we go there. Can barely get through class without him freaking out about them :)

Yay for eating!! How is he with chicken? I made some homemade cx nuggets with broccoli and cheese with this recipe.
It’s really easy to do and you can try different veggies in there.

ariana says:

Ava, no, I hadn’t actually picked up the Rx yet! So now I’m thinking I’ll wait and see if this trend continues before going back on the Prevacid..

He was on the solutabs too. What in the world do they expect you to use now??

Ava says:

Woot! That’s great news. Let’s hope he keeps up the eating.
So… does this mean the Prevacid is doing it’s job?

Hey, if you don’t mind me asking — what form does your Prevacid come in? Solutab or compounded? Aetna just decided to exclude the Solutab from their formulary (yey, us) and now I’m not sure what that means for us :-/