My 15 Minutes of Podcasting Fame

I was updating my ipod with my latest podcasts in preparation for the gym this weekend when I saw it: “Mothers Online“, the newest podcast from New Moms New Babies featuring  – moi!

My heart started beating faster and I actually considered deleting it without listening..what if I came across as a complete idiot, or worse – boring! I had actually half convinced myself that they weren’t going to air it at all because, as usual,  I thought of what I SHOULD have said only after we hung up from the call.

In the end, I put in on my ipod but listened first to an unbelievably amazing Terry Gross interview with Kathleen Sheeder Bonanno (warning, beautiful but very very sad) and only after that was over did I dare dial up my podcast.  (My petty concerns about making a fool out of myself over the air suddenly seemed rather unimportant in comparison to the pain of losing a daughter and writing a beautiful book of poetry about it. )

I pressed play and braced myself for an experience akin to nails on a chalkboard. But I was pleasantly suprised that even though I didn’t get across all the information I had hoped to in coherent a way as I would have liked to, I at least didn’t sound like a complete idiot.

Now if you are reading my blog, chances are you already avail yourself freely of the wonderful parenting support system available on the world wide web and won’t learn much if anything from the podcast, but I’m linking to it anyway just incase. If nothing else,  you can get a good laugh out of it at my expense :)

Because we didn’t get to discuss the wonderful list of tips and web resources that I gathered with your help, I’m going to post them here. Most of you know most of these things already, but future readers and new readers might find a new site or tidbit of information that they hadn’t already known. This list is a result of me asking you all what the most valuable tips you read on the internet that you wouldn’t have otherwise known and also what sites you find most useful/couldn’t live without:



Great online communities/websites

And if you do wander over to New Moms New Babies, there is a great episode for all of you NON dslr owner point and shoot mommy photographers – yes, you who I so often and so shamefully neglect. It’s called “How to Photograph Your Baby” and there are some great basic tips to help anyone instantly take better photos of your baby!


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CindyC says:

Two best parenting tips I ever received. Share / pass on as you like:

1. My children are 18 months apart. Mom of 15 month apart children said “Just figure that you have two babies and go with it. Don’t try to make the older one older than he is.” Yes, I made peace with that — didn’t try to potty train early or make him walk when he was tired or cry himself to sleep. Life was so much easier when I embraced this. Many times, I carried two babies at one time but it was sooo worth it. Isn’t it just about going with the flow?

2. Pack some “underpad” liners (the disposable things that go under the sheet for bedwetters) in your diaper bag. When in public restrooms, change baby’s diaper on one of those things then just toss it in the trash. No need to worry about cleaning a diaper pad or putting all those nasty germs and dirt right back into your diaper bag.

Shane says:

listened to the podcast today. I agree… you sounded great and the focus did take some twists and turns.

One topic that was only briefly mentioned but one that I think they should dive into deeper is ‘Privacy and Personal Information’. Having 3-4 different guests for a focused topic discussion would be great. 4 people that have a different focus, concerns, and approaches for dealing w/ what and how they post online info, pictures, posts.

Da Da says:

Good job babe, you sounded great! My favorite line is “you mean like a poop explosion”.

Ava says:

I listened to the podcast last week. I thought you sounded great. I agree that the show took a different turn than you were expecting, but none-the-less quite good.

Enjoy your 15 min. Well deserved!