Jasper on Ohdeedoh!


Ohdeedoh, how I love thee, let me count the ways:

1) Because you always find amazing beautiful baby products and small vendors I wouldn’t have otherwise known about.

2) Because you feature reader’s nurseries, parties and other projects

3) Because when I sent you a scathing email telling you I was taking you out of my blogroll for not putting up Jasper’s birthday message on his birthday (hey, I was feverish and hormonal!) you very politely emailed me back and told me that the way it works is there is a queue and that most birthday shout outs don’t happen on the day of the birthday.  And you were really nice about it.. and now I feel really sheepish.  And you have been reinstated in my blogroll. Please forgive me?

Seriously though, if you dont’ have Ohdeedoh in your RSS reader you should, it’s always good for nice baby product eye candy, which in a sea of fisherprice primary colors can sometimes seem like an oxymoron.

Thanks everyone for contributing to yesterday’s breastfeeding post, keep them coming! And just a reminder that there is only 3 more days to enter the KaBoogie baby shoe giveaway..

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Uh, how did I not notice Baby GoodBuys is on your blogroll? I’m so ditzy, I kept seeing traffic from here but I couldn’t figure out why :) Anyway, thanks so much! I really appreciate it!

pam says:

i saw that this morning! i was so excited for the boys’ first birthday to roll around so i could get their birthday greeting there. :)