KaBoogie! Leather Baby Shoes Giveaway


I don’t even remember how or from where I stumbled across the KaBoogie etsy shop but when I saw her listing for handmade grey suede  baby shoes with little skull appliques  I was SOLD (pun intended!)

Unfortunately for me, she was sold out of the gray pair in Jasper’s size, but the shop owner told me what color leather she had in stock, I told her Jasper’s foot length and she made Jasper a custom brown pair –  perfect for the fall!

And then I saw these gray boots in her shop and simply HAD to have them too – won’t Jasper be the most rockin’ baby in town in these?


I mean really, if she made these in adult sizes I’d get myself a pair in a heartbeat. Yes, I have shoe envy of my 1 year old boy.  And did I forget to mention they are made of reclaimed materials? Baby looks super stylish and mom gets to feel socially responsible – what could be better?   (Plus, the name is just SO much fun to say… KaBooooooooogie!)

You can imagine my delight when the cobbler behind KaBoogie agreed to give away a pair of her handmade reclaimed baby shoes to one lucky blog reader!

All you have to do to enter the giveaway is become a follower of KaBoogie in one of these three ways and post here which way:

1) Follow her blog http://kaboogietwoshoes.blogspot.com by clicking on the little google friend connect icon on the right sidebar
2 ) Become a fan of her facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/kaboogieshoes or
3) Follow via twitter http://twitter.com/kaboogie

The winner will be drawn 1 week from today on September 2nd and announced no later than Friday September 4th. Winner gets their choice of any shoe (not boot) in stock in the shop at that time.

Now, here’s more of Jasper in his KaBoogies:


I was lucky to get any pictures of him at all, because THIS is what most of my images look like now - baby trying to grab camera out of mom's hands!!


Jasper doing his best Derek Zoolander impression


Close up on the shoes..


The closest I got to getting a picture of the boots on him - he's fascinated by the velcro strap!

Good luck!

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Christine says:

I am now a FB Fan!!!!

Lynn says:

verrrry trendy! I’m a FB fan! :)

Jessica says:

I am now a FB fan. These shoes are soooo cute!

Sherean says:

OMG, those are stupidly cute. I hope I win, but if I don’t, I’m buying a pair for Hunter. I fanned her on FB and followed her on Twitter, and although it wasn’t a contest option, I “fav’d” her on Etsy. It’s official. I’m stalking her.

jenn says:

Love those shoes, thanks for all the cool tips! I’m now following Kaboogie on her blog. ::fingers crossed::

Kaboogie says:

Ariana, are they online? I love cool baby clothes fo my Jonah! I ship Naartjie online a lot, they have great prices, very cute stuff….
Thanks so much all for participating, can’t wait to send someone a pair!

Lora says:

I am following Kaboogie on Twitter!

Lora says:

I’m following Kaboogie’s blog!!

ariana says:

Danielle, both the shirt and pants in these images (and a lot of his other clothes too) come from H&M! I don’t know where you live, but if you don’t have an H&M it’s so worth having a friend buy you some stuff and shipping it. I LOVE their baby clothes! And they are really quite cheap and have nice details like adjustable waists. Highly recommend them!

danielle oxley says:

Hi- Where do you get Jasper’s clothes…have a little boy that is one week younger. Love Jasper’s outfits…have a hard time finding funky clothes.

Kaboogie says:

THanks so much, Libby! I must say (and I’m promoting here) I am as big a fan of your soaps!!

Lindsay says:

I also am a follower on twitter!

Lindsay says:

I am following on twitter!

Stephanie C. says:

I’m following on Twitter!

latisha says:

i love these!!! i would love to win a pair for my son. i became a fan on facebook and a follower on twitter. yea!

Marcy says:

I follow on facebook & twitter :)

Shane says:

Now a kaboogie FB fan. I keep saying the name over & over in my head. Boogies are also skydiving events — so that part makes me smile too.

Traci says:

I follow the blog!

Libby says:

And I very much enjoy following her blog.

I own three pairs of Kaboogie shoes, and They are without a doubt the BEST shoes on the planet. Maylee’s first pair still looks great, no holes no tears, no nothing and she has wore them on the playground, on pavement, in the house, outside on gravel everywhere! Many miles were put on them and they are ready for new owners as she has outgrown them! I am a Kaboogie fan for life!

Libby says:

I am a huge fan on facebook too!

erin says:

I’m a fan on Facebook. :)

LeAnna says:

Those are ADORABLE!!! I’m a follower on twitter. :)

MegS says:

I follow her on twitter. mjs1708

Kaboogie says:

Lourdes, ENTER! He’ll be walking someday! You can choose any size up to 18-24 month….

lisacb says:

Wow, I love those boots-thanks for the link to her etsy store. I’m following her on her blog.

Becca at TheDamnNation says:

I’m a fan of her on FB and follower on twitter :)

Skoorb says:

Oh, I am totally a fan on facebook! I love those shoes! E would love them, and I think they would go perfectly with his P is for punk tee!

christen says:

Oh my gosh..I am in love.
I became a FB fan!

Christinekerrmiller says:

Love the shoes and hope to win… Am following the blog.
Ariana loved your post on grass fed below, thanks!!

Laurie says:

I became a fan on facebook!!

Jess says:

Following on Twitter! Yay!

I would so enter! But Craig’s rule in the house is, if you don’t walk, you don’t get shoes: LOL.

Mia says:

So cute! Would love a pair for my impending March baby. Joined the Twitter feed!

Jane says:

I am following her blog! Super cute shoes!

Sheri says:

Very cool! I’m now a Facebok fan. :)

jbhat says:

Jasper is too cool for school in his little hipster clothes. Love it.

Maria Naccarato says:

I’m following her blog…these look cool. Jonah is sooo close to taking his first step and I have no idea what type of shoes are suitable for him. These look soft and cushy!

mandy says:

LOVE LOVE the shoes and boots! i am following her on twitter!

Tricia Z says:

I follow at http://kaboogietwoshoes.blogspot.com as bridgestranslation

HamiHarri says:

Super cute! I’m following on twitter :)

Lindsey says:

So cute! I also love the boots. I may have to buy them! I am following her blog now! Yay!

Jen says:

so cute! :)

Alex says:

Totally ordering these. I heart chic baby rocker style.

Monica Gandia says:

These boots are to die for! Became a fan on Facebook! :)

maresi says:

I am now following her on twitter (maresib)… what adorable shoes!

Maggie says:

I loooove these! Those boots are to die for. ***runs to etsy shop*** I signed up as a facebook fan, I’ll keep my fingers crossed!