Jasper Recommends : Pat the Bunny, Cat & Puppy


My grandmother’s friend Pat (funny huh?) gave us Pat the Bunny at my baby shower.  I was excited because I can remember it being one of MY favorites when I was a child, but also I remember thinking it would be a long time until Jasper could do the interactive “activities” that make this book so much fun.  Every month or so since Jasper was around 7 months I would try to sneak it in his bed time story rotation, but Jasper had other ideas…

I don’t know if I’ve blogged about this before, but Jasper has VERY strong opinions about his bedtime stories.  If I start reading a book he doesn’t want to read he actually grabs the back cover and shuts the book and then pushes or throws it away. (Nice mild mannered child eh?) Since he started asserting his opinions so strongly a few months ago, we’ve been through a Dr. Seuss only stage, then it was the nursery rhyme book only stage and then fast forward to a few weeks ago when I tried Pat the Bunny again. And guess what? He LOVED it!

He’s finally at the age where he can do all the activities.. he can pat the bunny, put his finger through “Mummy’s” ring, touch Daddy’s scratchy face, play peek-a-boo with Paul and most of all he can smell the flowers. He thinks the smell the flowers page is hysterical because I put the book right up to his nose. That’s the fun part, I’m not even sure he noticed or cares about the smell, it’s the putting the book on his nose that he loves and will do for the next few pages!

This was really cute and fun for a day or two until Pat the Bunny became the ONLY book he wanted to read. Pat the Bunny 4 or 5 times a night for 4 or 5 days straight gets a little old!

That’s why I was so THRILLED when my mom found Pat the Cat and Pat the Puppy!! I didn’t even know there were spinoffs of Pat the Bunny, but  the original author’s daughter continued the series and they are just as great as the original.  So great infact that I created a new problem – instead of now having THREE “Pat the x” in our bedtime rotation, Jasper now wants nothing to do with Pat the Bunny anymore – He only wants the Cat & Puppy. Well at least TWO books at bedtime are better than one!

But that is the rather long and roundabout way of saying if you have this classic and have been waiting for the right age/time to pull it out, 11-12 months is a good time. If you don’t, I definitely recommend it as well as the other books in the series..just keep your fingers crossed it doesn’t become the ONLY book your baby wants to read at bedtime!

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Thank you so much for sharing this. I was not aware of the spin-off books either. I’ll have to get these for my sister. She’s expecting baby #2 in July.

ariana says:

Yep, I think I’m going to have to try these feely books! Jasper is getting REALLY into reading lately. Today at daycare he apparently would go sit by himself in the “cozy area” with a book and just quietly look through it. SO unlike him!

Kate, I see now :)

Kate says:

Because there’s a link to your twitter page on your website! (I think it’s yours, anyway)

pamela says:

i had never heard of “pat the bunny” until someone gave it to us for our new baby. such a great little interactive story! thanks for the news on the others in the series!

Sarah says:

I’ll have to give PAT THE BUNNY another try now that Finn is 10.5 months. He went through a stage during which he LOVED the THAT’S NOT MY MONSTER and THAT’S NOT MY MONKEY books that Michelle spoke of. The last couple of months, Finn has been most partial to GOODNIGHT, MOON… (the supposedly sturdy board book is starting to fall apart!) but the last two or so nights, he’s tried to close the book early, so we’re searching for a new couple of favorites. He’s still too young for many of the books on his shelf!

Michelle says:

I will have to get those for Jack. He likes all those “feely” books. Have you ever seen the “That’s not my Pirate” or “Monster” or “Bunny” series? They are really cute and he love touching them. We have Pirate and Monster


CMC says:

Love it! Wait till Jasper gets all opinionated about the bedtime songs as well! Bunky Bunk cuts me off of every song after the first line now – until I finally land on a song he’s decided he wants to hear – then he sings along proudly. And lately, its just been him wanting to sing by himself…

Bunky never got into Pat book… but to this day he still loves some of his “baby” books.

Thanks for your help this weekend – REALLY appreciate it!

Am thinking maybe Kate finally went on Twitter to win that new canon 5DMKII??? Dunno. I STILL haven’t been on twitter – I’m resolved to be the last holdout!

ariana says:

Chantal, definitely keep trying, one day she’ll just LOVE it!

Kate, why did you go to twitter? I’m confused :)

Kimberly, well I’m glad Jasper isn’t the only bedtime book bully! I have to look up the flip book, sounds adorable. He doesn’t like his Sandra Boynton books so much.. he hated them at first, then tolerated them for a week or two and then Pat the Bunny took over! Good night moon also used to be “tolerated” prior to Pat the Bunny.

Kimberly says:

Thanks for the info! I didn’t know there were “sequels” either. ;)

James is quite particular about his bedtime storybooks too and will close and push away other books, pointing to one of his two favorites and saying “that!” His #1 favorite is “Mommy Loves Her Baby / Daddy Loves His Baby – a flip book.” Good thing I love it, too! #2 is “Goodnight Moon,” and he also likes “The Going To Bed Book.”

Kate says:

Oh no, Ariana! You made me go to twitter! I always swore I would never go onto that website! ;-)

chantal says:

We got 2 copies of Pat the Bunny at Annora’s first birthday party. So far she hasn’t shown any interest in the book, but I think that’s because she’s going through a big colored shapes phase right now. If there’s a picture of a pink circle or a blue rectangle, she’s all over it!

I had never seen Pat the Bunny before, not having read it as a child. I think it’s an awesome book! I love the smell the flowers page, I think it’s so cute. I’ll have to pull this out again this week and see if Annora shows any more interest in it.