Jasper’s Playhouse Courtesy of Craigslist

At Jasper’s daycare they have a large playhouse in their outdoor area and Jasper LOVES it.  It’s got a front door that he can open and close to his door obsessed little heart’s content, shutters to peek through and even cabinet doors to open and close. What’s not to love?

I decided it would be nice for him to have one at home to play in, but was dismayed by the rather exorbitant prices these little hunks of plastic go for. Even on trusty craigslist they were often listed at upwards of $200!

So when I saw the one in the video above listed for $40 (!!!) I emailed the owner before I even finished reading the listing.   Craigslist never fails you so long as you are patient enough to wait for the right item at the right price and are diligent about checking for those items frequently.

So here’s a little tip to make sure you don’t miss YOUR next wish list item before someone else snatches it up:

Enter your chosen search term in the search box on your local craigslist and scroll down to the very bottom of the results page.  Look on the right:  you’ll see a little “RSS” button:


Click on that button and it will bring you to the RSS feed for that search which you can subscribe to in the feed reader of your choosing!

So now, in addition to whatever new blog postings and news searches you subscribe to you can also browse  what new items have been posted on craigslist that you may be looking for, all right from your feed reader!  Nifty huh?

Happy hunting!

PS: A BIG thank you to everyone who posted the best parenting things they learned on the internet for my podcast guest appearance.. we never ended up getting to them on air, but it was fun and informative to read through them. Maybe I’ll put them together for a new post since many of you probably don’t come back to read all the comments.

I’ll let you know as soon as I do when the podcast will air though I’m not sure I was all that interesting of a guest.. there were so many things that I wanted to say that I didn’t get a chance to!  It’s one of those situations where you always think of what you SHOULD have said in retrospect – damned hindsight ;)

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kari says:

doesn’t EVERY baby need a house before he turns ONE?
great find!
adorable video – made me smile!

CMC says:

Awwww- love that video! He’s just the brightest baby!
Hmmmm… yep – I think everything I’ve ever bought Bunky Bunk has been courtesy of CraigsList (or Goodwill). Love it – and you’re right: patience really does pay off! Glad you got Jasper that amazing house! :-)

Kimberly says:

Ah, what an absolutely precious video! Nothing better than baby laughter! Jasper is such a cutie!

ariana says:

LOL JB, I can’t disagree. How are you feeling? Aren’t you due any day now???

jbhat says:

Forget the techy stuff—that video is adorable! What a cutie he is.


ariana says:

SFL HAS to be a better area than here, I feel like we live in the bermuda triangle of CL because Roclkand County doesn’t have one of our own so you end up having to search THREE different CLsts that people could have potentially listed stuff on! So annoying.. I really hope someday they have a “search by zipcode” function!

Shane says:

If you don’t check your GReader often enough to catch the fast moving items (not me, I’m in GReader more often than email), i just read about this web service –

It will send emails for CL Searches. I haven’t used it myself yet — but CL has in the past shutdown some of these services, but I think they’ve been better about these value added services lately.

I didn’t know you could do that — thanks for the post Ariana!

I do think that some areas are more fruitful for Craigslist than others…South Florida? Touch and go.

ariana says:

Yep, but you don’t even need to.. if you use firefox you can just click on the button at the top that asks you if you want to subscribe, and if you choose via google it gives you the option of either on google reader or on your google homepage!

On IE you don’t really have an option.

Pamela Levis says:

nevermind…you can

Pamela Levis says:

Can you put the rss feed address into your google reader??????

Pamela Levis says:

Thanks for posting this. I am so bad at checking craigslist. We just picked up two things this weekend. I am looking for a good slide, a picnic table, and a playhouse