Good to Know: The Sun, Nature’s Oxyclean.

I'm Cute.

Shot with my Canon digital rebel xsi, Tamron AF 28-75mm f/2.8 Lens, and canon 430 ex II speedlite at these settings:
SS 1/6oth
ISO 200

I’m taking a mini-posting vacation today, relatives coming over in a minute. But I’ve been wanting to do a little series on the random tidbits of information that I’ve picked up here and there that surprised me. I figure if I didn’t know them at one time, some of you might not either!

So here’s something that isn’t so useful for us with the 6+ month olds, but if you are still exclusively breastfeeding, this tip is priceless..

Did you know that if you put something stained by breastfed poop (you know, that bright yellow stuff that is impossible to get out of anything?) in the sun that the stain will completely disappear? Apparently the thing that makes the poop bright yellow is the Bilirubin, the same thing that causes jaundice and is cured by sunlight. And so sunlight too “cures” the bilirubin stains by bleaching them out!

This phenomenon totally blew me away when I first discovered it, and it saved many articles of clothing from certain doom. Most of you mommies probably knew this already, but I know we have a few pregnant readers who might find this information as surprising as I did!

OK, have to go.. company coming over any minute.

PS: Jasper took about 6 steps in a row today!!

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nanette says:

I loooove this tip! It’s saved so many outfits for m. This has NEVER not worked for me – even on an item that I didn’t realized was stained until AFTER I pulled it out of the dryer! Thought it was ruined forever, but voila!

Stephanie says:

WOW – that is CRAZY! Makes total sense, but at the same time is so weird! :-)

Alicia says:

Great new series – Random Tidbits – love it. Wow – I breastfed for 18 months and never knew I could have saved a few outfits during those early dayss.. good to know! LOVE today’s photo of Jasper!!! He really is a rock star in the making.

ariana says:

Morgan, it doesn’t even have to be direct sun, you can put it next to a window and just the light will do the trick (even in winter!)

Shane says:

Yep, cloth diapering and sunshine are a great pair. We have a spray bottle to dampen some stained diapers after they come from the dryer and hang on the drying rack by the window. So anything the washer/dryer doesn’t take out, the sprayer and sunshine usually do the trick.

Now after you move to solids, the stains get tricky. Diaper liners are pretty useful w/ the cloth diapers though.

kari says:


way to go – 6 step Jasper is the man!!!!

happy long weekend!

jbhat says:

I could have used that information several years ago. OMG, it reminds me of the times when we’d have a blowout on our hands: when the yellow stuff managed to escape out of the diaper at all points, even getting up on our kiddo’s BACK. So many white little onesies turned all splotchy.

This information is VERY good to have. Thanks! And wow, congratulations on the 6 steps. There’s no going back now.

Morgan says:

Good to know! Too bad our baby is going to be born in the the middle of winter… hanging out laundry for us!

Diana says:

yes thats true. My mom told me to always hang Aliana’s cloth diapers outside early in the morning and the poop stain will disappear. She used to do the same with my diapers hahahahaa :O)

Kimberly says:

Umm…. Really??? I had NEVER heard this!!! Guess I’ll file it away for the next one. ;)
OMG Jasper … 6 steps??? Will look forward to a clip of that. What a little rockstar. :)
Have a great visit and happy 4th!