Kisses from Jasper

A few weeks ago Jasper started making these little kissy sounds. It’s so unbearably cute I have to grit my teeth whenever he does it. Normally he’ll kiss a few times in a row, but last night he wasn’t feeling it so much (tooth #2 is halfway through and times have been tough around here.) But I did manage to capture a fleeting kiss in each of the clips in the video below – don’t look away for a second or you might miss them!

But as cute as the kissing is, this, which is what happened while trying to get him to make kissy sounds is even cuter:

Speaking of kisses, I noticed over this past week that Jasper seems to really be understanding and responding to verbal commands which is so surprising and exciting!

Two examples I can think of recently are that when we actually SAY the word kiss just in passing he makes the kissy sound. On father’s Day when we were trying to get Jasper to look at the camera Jeff said “Look at Mommy” and as soon as he said the word “Mommy” Jasper looked right at me. Now that I think about it, he’s also been waving just when we say “bye-bye” for weeks even if we just say bye-bye whereas at first we’d have to wave to get him to imitate the motion.

I guess this is the beginning of two-way communication? At long last!

Kiss Kiss ;)

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Keri says:

Oh, I love the kisses! Don’t they just melt your heart??

KaiRayne says:

Those are such cute photos!! :) Jasper is soooooo adorable!!! Makes me want another baby SOOOOO bad. lol (Unfortunately, unless immaculate conception occurs I don’t see it happening. lol)

Kate says:

Who couldn’t help but love this child! I love that he threw a quick kiss right after the beginnings of a tantrum! Too cute!!!

ariana says:

Kimberly, nope, just the old flip. Its that amazon super saver shipping grrrrr!

Kimberly says:

So very sweet… I love that he does that!!! We’re working on teaching James to blow kisses.
Great videos! (Is that your new

ariana says:

Thank you Steph! The white thing on my speedlite is a “better bounce card” contraption I made
but honestly I should just take it off because I never use it. Now I bounce behind me at a 45 degree angle and it works much better! bounce cards are good for when you have really high (or no) ceilings.

Steph says:

So cute! I can’t wait for my 7 month old to start doing it :)

Love your website BTW, and I think you’re an amazing photographer.

Quick question: what was on your Speedlite when you took self-portraits for your post-partum fashion entry? Just curious :)

ariana says:

Danielle, that must just turn you to mush, so sweet!

LOL Alicia, I don’t think the world can handle two Jaspers! Thank you, another person who thinks my son is a genius. That makes two of us. We can just ignore the fact that we are both related to him and there will be no question of bias ;)

Alicia says:

Jasper is way ahead of the curve. He is remarkable – a genius even – and soooooo cute I just wanna eat him up!! Can you clone me one of him? I want my very own Jasper!!!!!

Danielle says:

It’s so great when all of this interaction starts happening. My two year old really just bloomed a couple of weeks ago. I have waited so long for her to say I love you, hug and kiss me unprovoked and now it’s here. The BEST feeling ever.