Father’s Day in Pictures

The pictures are much better than the reality.  I can’t really get into it, but let’s just say that I shouldn’t be surprised after my horrible mother’s day that father’s day would be similarly crappy, particularly given the state of things.

I think I did OK on the gifts though..

I got my dad a light-weight monkeysuit that has Teflon so is resistant to water and stains –  Perfect for his notorious yard work. He’s always out back mucking around in something dirty. Plus, one piece means less entry points for tics which is a big concern in our area where Lyme’s disease runs rampant.

Here’s dad modeling his suit and playing air guitar (after I told him he looked like one of the talking heads!)

How cute is he?

I guess mechanic’s clothing was the theme of the day.  I was SOOOO excited when I found The Busted Knuckle Garage for many reasons… One is because I wanted to get Jeff a mechanic’s shirt for when he works on his motorcycle. Two is because I wanted it personalized, which they offer. Three because we had joked just a week before that whenever Jeff works on the house or his bike he ALWAYS busts his knuckles without fail. Four because they had a matching onesie for Jasper, and five because they have AMAZING customer service – they went really out of their way to make sure I’d get the shirt in time for Father’s day!

Here’s the back of the personalized shirt I got for Jeff:

Here you can see a bit of the front and also Jasper’s matching onesie:

Here is the other side of the front where you can see Jeff’s name:

And here, just because this was a sweet moment:

And lastly, all three generations in their father’s day mechanics attire:

The busted knuckle has all sorts of other great gifts that feature their super cute logo with the bandaid on the finger and the hilarious caption (“repair and despair all under one roof”).

I wish I could have told you about the site before father’s day, but obviously that would have spoiled the surprise for Jeff. There’s always next year though right?

I hope you all had a wonderful father’s day!

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KaiRayne says:

That sucks that you had a crappy day. :( But the gifts were very thoughtful/cool AND your photos are simply amazing(as always) :D

Stephanie says:

Adorable – all three! :-)

jbhat says:

The pics look fantastic, and I love the 3 generation one. Great gift idea too. So clever of you!

I forgot to even CALL my dad and felt like a heel about it. We talked on Monday though. But extra kudos to you for thinking of them ahead of time and making their days special.

Heather says:

You did great with the gifts. I was thinking about you on Father’s Day at that it might be rough on you. Is it weird to have supporters you’ve never met? Anyway, I’m routing for you! Hang in there!

kari says:

ok – best gifts ever!
great pics.
wish your day was better though.

Alicia says:

OMG – loooove the pics – Jasper is super adorable in every single one of those shots! Your dad is such a cool dude. Sorry your day wasn’t all that hot – things’ll get better, chica.

Katie says:

If it makes me you feel better, my mother chose Mother’s Day to tell me what a crappy daughter I am and on Father’s Day, Matt and I got into a huge fight in a restaurant parking lot (in the car, with a napping Lilly, while waiting for our name to be called) and ended up leaving. I spent most of the day in bed sleeping while Matt took care of Lilly. Happy Father’s Day.

Hugs to you, fellow miserable holiday’er:(

Meggin says:

I think the suits are super cute…and so is Jasper:) Just think of the beautiful little boy you have and smile!

AmandaG says:

Thanks for sharing! I now have a perfect gift idea come Christmas time. Love the air guitar and the black and white pic.

Kimberly says:

Plus now that Southwest is flying into LaGuardia, it’ll be easier and cheaper to get there. Ok, that is all for now. :)

Kimberly says:

Ooh, didn’t even think about that… THANK YOU!
We’ll definitely be back to NYC… that little taste was just plain cruel… can’t wait to REALLY explore. And shop! :)

ariana says:

Thanks guys, I appreciate the encouragement :)

Kimberly, I took out your email address so you don’t get any spam bots finding it, but put it safely in my address book, thank you.

I am so sorry too that your trip wasn’t longer.. it would have been so wonderful to meet you!

Kimberly says:

Oh, and the gifts were awesome… Jeff and Jasper look really cute in their Busted Knuckle gear! Great gifts. Your dad is super cute too. Thank God for great Dads, huh?

Kimberly says:

Hi Ariana,
Sorry to hear it wasn’t such a good day… :(
This must be such a difficult time for all of you. If you ever want to talk privately, email me or find me on FB.
Wish I could’ve met you and Jasper while we were in New York… our trip gives new meaning to the expression “New York minute…” that’s about how long we were there! :)
Hang in there…

Super thoughtful gifts Ariana. All the boys look super cool. You’re one heck of a mama, just remember that!