Photoshop Friday : Cloning – Making Objects Disappear!

In this video  tutorial I’ll show you how to use the clone stamp tool to get rid of a distracting part of your image, like the beer bottle in the picture below.





Like magic right?

>>Click here to watch the tutorial!

In the video I am using Photoshop CS4 which previews the clone area for you (that’s why you’ll see grass as I move my cursor around.) Previous versions of Photoshop don’t do this for you, but the technique is exactly the same. I forgot to mention in the video, but if you don’t like a certain area of your clone or want to redo it. simply use your eraser tool on the layer we created to put the cloning on (that’s why it’s good to use a separate layer.)

Have a great weekend everyone..

PS: Join my flickr group and add your images so I can see what you’ve done with this or any other techniques you’ve learned here!

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ariana says:

jb, I had no idea you were such a lush ;)

jbhat says:

That’s fun. I remember the days when you couldn’t play with images like that and we would get pictures back that were of evenings with our friends and have to play Count the Bottles as we looked at them. Not that we drank THAT much. But there were always a jillion bottles in the pictures.

ariana says:

Usually I’m too lazy to use it, but it’s definitely worth knowing!

Georgia says:

Ah yes the clone stamp tool! I love that thing. I removed a christmas ornament and windchime from a picture my mother-in-law sent me last weekend. She wanted it cleaned up for printing and thought the dangling things off the house were distracting :) I love that tool.