Jasper Making Car Sounds

I am short on time, but long on videos, so here’s another one (are you sick of them yet?)

Now it’s probably just me, but when Jasper started moving his little car around like this I thought it seemed so.. “advanced” I guess for lack of a better world.  But when I made a motor sound and he started doing it too, it totally blew me away! Luckily I actually caught it on video:

But what is even more amazing is that now he makes a motor sound every time he plays with his car. I feel sometimes like I’m watching a toddler play, not my little peanut!

PS. Stay tuned for Photoshop Friday tomorrow.. tutorial on cloning (i.e. making unwanted parts of your photos magically disappear.)

PPS: I’m soliciting ideas for future photoshop tutorials and Mommy SOS topics, so if you have any requests please post them here!

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Kate says:

Ariana, he is so cute, I can’t stand it!!! This is by far my favourite post, after the military crawl video, of course!

Jules says:

That is so sweet–and makes me long for when my boys were tiny enough to hang out in sleep and plays all day. :(

HamiHarri says:

Never tired of Jasper videos!!!

Alicia says:

Can’t wait for the cloning tut. Jasper IS really advanced, no kidding!

Angie says:

oh goody cloning looking foward to it. I have elements 6 I would love to know how to get my pics that “smooth” all over look. Where the color and everything is smooth looking.

Heather says:

Oh he’s so cute! Clearly he’s gifted! My son just started saying “uh-oh” when he drops things. It sounds so “real”…like he’s a different baby!

Kristen says:

Oh yes! I’m so excited for a cloning tutorial! I have that fire-pic with black spots in the background I’ve been wanting to work on. I just love your skin tone on pics too, have you done one on that?

Can’t see the video (I’m at work & blocked) but I’m sure he’s adorable!

He’s a genius! And so cute to boot!

Lindsey says:

SO cute! I can’t believe my little guy will ever be able to do all these things!

I don’t know if it’s possible, but can any of your actions be used on Elements 6? I love them but don’t own Photoshop!

ariana says:

Samm, amazing but kind of sad too right?

JB, its true – I mean it can’t be a complete coincidence that of all the other millions of behaviors and sounds I model that THIS is the one he takes to immediately!

jbhat says:

I KNEW that guys had to be born just knowing how to make engine and explosion sounds. This proves it! What a little genius he is, though, if that’s not the case.

Samm Ivri says:

Wow! That does look very advanced! Cute! Its so amazing to watch them inch closer to toddlerhood every day.