I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!

We had some friends over yesterday for a lovely BBQ that I will post about tomorrow, but today I have to fill you in on all the Jasper milestones that happend over the past few days..

Not only did he learn to stand up on his own last week, but he has now thankfully mastered the all important skill of getting down again! (This has cut down on the level of whining in our household  significantly.)

Also,  as the title of this post may have clued you in, we now have a cruiser!

He’s not exactly flying around the walls of baby jail, but he can get from one side to the other if he wants to (which you’ll see in one of the videos below).. and he’s quite comfortable up on his feet, even to the point of one handing it much of the time:

cruising (5 of 5)

cruising (4 of 5)

cruising (3 of 5)

cruising (1 of 5)

All images Shot with my CanonRebel  xsi, Sigma 30mm 1.4 lens and canon 430 ex II speedlite at these settings:
SS 1/4oth (dragging the shutter)
ISO 100
Flash fired

As if that weren’t enough, he’s also started occasionally scooting/crawling with tummy off the ground!

I wasn’t sure that would ever happen because he’s lightning fast with the military crawling and even now I’m still not sure he won’t master walking before he ever text book crawls.

And, saving the biggest news for last, he finally, FINALLY cut a tooth!

Yep, sandwiched in between all these other huge milestones none of us ( including Jasper) seemed to have even noticed this momentous event.  I mean he did go a day or two where he just did NOT want to sleep, but he wasn’t extra cranky, he was just plain WIRED. Wired as in not even a little bit sleepy when naptime would come and go.. I have had to put him down 1 -1.5 hours after his normal bedtime the past few days!

I attribute that to his brain being on turbo the last week or two as a result of the developmental leaps and bounds taking place in that little body. Whatever the cause,  I hope the lack of fanfare surrounding his first tooth eruption bodes well for the next year + of teething we have ahead of us.

I caught a few of these new developments on camera, namely the getting down, NON miliatry crawling/scooting and also cruising towards a very specific object:

But if you have only a minute or two and want to see something guaranteed to put a smile on your face, watch this video of what he does when he reaches his goal in the first video:

Hope you all had a wonderful long weekend… Happy Start of Summer!

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lelu says:

He’s getting so big! Glad the tooth cutting wasn’t too traumatic. The other day my nine year old told me the baby had molars. I was sure she was mistaken, but no, THREE molars for a grand total of 11 teeth at thirteen months. Maybe we’ll celebrate with a steak dinner ;).

Keri says:

How fun! I love the videos!!

Hi Ariana,

I moved websites (used to be TheRightWife). Jasper continues to be adorable! Mikey is just now turning 5 months old, and I can’t even imagine him hitting these milestones. What a difference 4 months can make!

Alicia says:

Love the pics!

tryingin2007 says:

the milestones are fast and furious these days. where did our tiny babies go? eeeek!

jbhat says:

Cruising AND having a tooth? Yay! What a guy.

kari says:

that is fantastic! great videos!!

leah says:

Very cool!