Jasper Recommends: Happy Baby Baby Food!

happybabyYou all thought I was making all my own baby food all this time right? Ha! In a perfect world yes. In the real world – I just can’t get it together some of the time. Ok, most of the time!

Thank god for the day when I showed up at Jay & Sarah’s without any food for Jasper and they introduced me to Happy Baby frozen baby food.  Jasper had just started solids and was liking them, but I’d never seen him go as nuts as he did over the happy baby carrot puree!

Because they are frozen from fresh, there are no preservatives or added anything, so they truly are the next best thing to homemade including the thickness. You know what I mean right? The jarred baby food is all really runny and tasteless. This stuff is thicker like when you puree it fresh from home, even the colors are more vibrant!

They come in convenient little cubes, also just like if you make your own and freeze it in an ice cube tray.. pop one, two or three out depending on baby’s appetite.

puffsThe most impressive thing to me though is the  amount of thought they’ve put into every ingredient, for example their Salmon & Prunes use wild salmon, not the icky farmed stuff. Plus it has coconut oil because coconut oil has super healthy stuff like Lauric acid also found in breast milk. They even add mint to their peas to soothe colic.

The only hard part is finding the stuff, but if you have a local Wholefoods you are in luck!  They also have a long list of other retailers on their website, but I’m not sure which ones carry their frozen foods rather than say their dry cereal. (They list BRU as a retailer but I’ve never seen it there so I’d call ahead.)

I’ve never seen them in a store so didn’t even realize until today that they also make organic puffs!  I’ve been conflicted about giving Jasper the regular graduates puffs.. they just seem like such empty nutrition, plus one of the first ingredients is sugar.

These puffs still have some sugar, but it’s half the amount as the other brands. Plus  they are jam packed with nutrients and are organic.  They are available on Amazon with free shipping. I’m definitely ordering these. (Let me know if any of you have tried them)

Have a wonderful fun-filled holiday weekend everyone!

PS: If you haven’t seen the new Star Trek movie, I highly recommend it.. so much fun. If you can see in on iMax like we did (last night for Jeff’s birthday) even better!

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Michelle says:

My little girl LOVES the Happy Baby organic puffs & I feel SO MUCH better about them than I would if I’da bought the Gerber ones cause you’re right…those have a lot more sugar & lots less of the “good stuff)…

Anyhow-I hope Jasper loves them as much as she does:)

Thanks for all of the photog tip, too btw!!! :)

Jen says:

Hi! My baby is a week older than Jasper and he LOVES the Happy Baby puffs! I’m ok with them because I tried them and it has WAY less sugar than the Gerber puffs (kind of like Cheerios, but these melt in your mouth). Plus they are fortified with vitamins & minerals. My baby loves picking them up himself and self-feeding, so it’s a great practice item and it keeps him distracted for when I try to feed him purees. Give them a try! I think I got them at Whole Foods on sale for like $2.79 recently and we go through them pretty quickly.

Jill says:

Thanks for the rec! I’ve been looking for an alternative to puffs — I’ll have to check my local WholeFoods for these!

Monika says:

The baby woke up while I was typing so I didn’t get a chance to mention the following:
-Jasper is adorable!!!
-I love your website and think you are so talented!
-I hope I can learn how to adjust and enhance my pictures to make them better through your tutorials
-I found the Puffs at Target!

Sarah says:

Indeed, Star Trek was amazing!! Do know you can watch all of the original Star Trek episodes on CBS.com?? We are watching them now.

Kimberly says:

I would kill. KILL. someone who thought it would be okay for my baby to have soda… I usually don’t even drink the crap!!!
My family is wonderful, but I think they think I’m a little nutty with all the organic, all-natural, anti-rice cereal, anti-processed foods, anti-petrolatum, all-natural skin products, etc. stands I take. My mom thought I was really crazy when I sent quinoa cereal for him… she tasted it and thought it was awful, but he (and I) like it! ;) They just sort of shake their heads and giggle at me a little and then do what I want. I haven’t even brought up the whole puffs thing… I think I’ll just buy some from Whole Foods and send them in the diaper bag… subtle hint!

kari says:

oh… kurt is SOOO going to appreciate your seinfield reference!!! (he is a big fan… BIG)

ariana says:

So many great ideas everyone, thank you!

Monika, welcome! So glad you found the site.. and I hope Kirin continues to enjoy his baby jai (Now I feel like I’m responsible for his incarceration ;) BTW I love the name Kirin.

Kimberly, I totally don’t understand it either. Someone on the bump.com stoday said their Mother in law tried to give their baby pepsi in their sippy cup! Can you imagine?

OMG Kari, that’s the funniest story.. I’m jealous you have a real life bizarro world Jasper. I want a real life bizarro world Liam! (you get the seinfeld reference right?)

So your BRU has those organic puffs?? I’m so jealous! Maybe mine will order them for me. We only have the graduates :(

kari says:

Believe it or not – I have found the puffs at BRU! They have apple and banana :)

here is a funny story for you… there is a girl at my moms group – her son’s name is Dexter… he looks a lot like your Jasper… i just emailed her and was like “Jasper is doing so good…” she wrote back and was like “WHO is Jasper???” omg jasper on the brain!

Stephanie says:

Joaquin loves Happy Baby’s Chick Chick. True, it is kind of pricey, but I think it’s worth it.

I, too, am weary of the Gerber Puffs, but I finally broke down the other day and bought a container of the Target version (darn their new, cool packaging!). I ran out of his freeze-dried fruit, which I totally recommend – they’re 100% natural and melt very easily in baby’s mouth:

Monika says:

PS-I have the Beaba and it is so convenient and fun to make different combinations for the baby. I think it is definitely worth the steep price and nice to have a unit just for the baby’s food.

Kimberly says:

I’ve seen the frozen purees at Whole Foods, but not the puffs. Gonna have to look for them! My mom and sister bought Gerber puffs for James, but I feel the same way as you do about them! I don’t want him to get hopped up on sugar at such a young age… I’d rather he ask for peas or sushi (well, in a few months, lol) than cookies or other sugary treats.

Monika says:

Hi Ariana,
I found your site through a search on teething! My son Kirin is 8 months (yesterday) I will have to send in a photo!
I am looking forward to taking your tutorials and learning photoshop as we have over 2000 pictures of our son ( I know a little excessive).
I have tried the puffs, in fact Kirin just started eating them last week and he enjoys cramming them into his mouth with both hands. They are really great and dissolve faster than cheerios and as you noted, more nutritious.
BTW we bough the same “jail” Jasper has and it arrived yesterday. We actaully bought two and put them together to give Kirin ample room to crawl.
Kirin enjoyed being in it this am for the first time so thanks for that tip!

Farah says:

I also made my own foods because my son would not eat hte jarred stuff plus homemade is better.

We found this brand late in the game http://www.sproutbabyfood.com/ And beleive it or not – he would eat it. so MT gives this food a thumbs up too.

ariana says:

Ali, so glad to know they are a hit with Miles.. also glad that he likes even the “greens” flavor!

JB, I thought that was so cute too. The beaba is available at William Sonoma and also Amazon.

Jessica says:

We’ve been using the Earth’s Best jarred foods, but I am definitely going to look for this. I also really wish I had time to make my own, but I just don’t. Or I’m lazy. Either way, it’s nice to know there are options.

jbhat says:

“yes peas” and “thank you carrots” is adorable. You are right, a lot has happened in 4 years. So many cool new products. Never even heard of a beaba. Off to google it now.

Have a lovely weekend. 3 days!

Ali says:

We have the Beaba and make all of our own food. It was a gift, so the cost wasn’t an issue, but I really do think it is worth it. We just spend each sunday doing a massive food making. And we use baby cubes which ROCK! They are great for storage in the freezer as well as packing little snacks–like the organic puffs. WE LOVE THE PUFFS! We have tried all of the flavors and get them through amazon. The come in a big case, but we fly through them. We have the “green” ones right now. miles loves to pick them up and it has really helped his pincer grasp. Good luck!

ariana says:

Trying, did I mention I’m lazy lol? No seriously, I’m sure in the long run if I broke down and bought your beaba baby food maker for $150 I’d save, I just haven’t taken the plunge yet.. and soon he’ll be eating all table foods anyway so not sure it’s worth it?

tryingin2007 says:

I bought this (and plum baby food) awhile back simply because I’m a packaging designer and I thought they were cool. but… EXPENSIVE! so not worth it. you can easily make a 2 week supply of organic baby food for your freezer in under 1 hour.

we buy the organic puffs. ginny loves to pick them up but has yet to put them in her mouth. oh well. someday.

Kristen says:

Thank you so much for this! I feel the same way about the puffs, I just can’t break down and buy them. But I am totally going to Whole Foods today to look at these!