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nmnblogo Back before most of you were reading my blog I wrote this post about my love for the Pregtastic podcasts. They kept me company at the gym while lifting weights and trying to ignore the staring caused by the spectacle of me and my ginormous belly bench pressing 60 lbs!

Fast forward 1 year and I am finally committing to going back to the gym at least on the weekends – the only time I can manage to squeeze it in.

I had a vague memory that the pregtastic folks also had a show about breastfeeding called Mommy’s Milk and More, so this past weekend I downloaded a few episodes and it was just as good as I remembered pregtastic being!

I listened to several episodes and learned a little something from each one.

I just was visiting the website and was so thrilled to discover that the makers of pregtastic and Mommy’s Milk & More just launched a new podcast called New Moms New Babies!

From their site, they describe it as:

“A weekly podcast by new moms, for new moms with tips, tricks and sanity savers on sleeping, feeding, crying and more! Future guests include, doctors, pediatricians, authors, experts on child seat safety, strollers, baby carriers, activities and more! Friendly advice, various perspectives and relevant information to get you through those first years.”

I haven’t listned yet, but I’m sure it’s as educational and entertaining as their other two shows.  If it is, you won’t want to miss a single episode.


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kari says:

YAY – something to put on my NEW ipod!
if we don’t “connect” before the weekend – you guys enjoy your holiday weekend,can’t wait to hear all about it!

ariana says:

Thanks Alicia!

JB, probably depends on how much you forgot ;) I would think that some of the product reviews etc would be, because those things are always changing. But some of it you might find a snooze for you I’d imagine. Try one and let me know!

jbhat says:

Would an “old mommy” find it useful too?

CMC says:

I love podcasts! If any of your readership are single mommies, this site offers excellent podcasts geared specifically towards them: