Pulling Up!

As if he decided to squeeze in one more milestone just under the wire of his 9 month birthday tomorrow, Jasper pulled up to standing, sittting and kneeling for the first time this weekend!

pulling up: getting ready


pulling up : set

pulling up : go!

The walls of babyjail are not the easiest surface to grab a hold of, so he still prefers to pull into standing using one of his favorite two objects:

pulling up : standing!

Me or Daddy! (Good to know he still needs us for something.)

And now a short clip.. excuse the bad cinematography, I was shooting video with one hand and pictures with the other – a mommy’s multitasking is never done!

It was a busy weekend, so much to post this week.. ! Hope you all had a good one too.


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Shane says:

We have a Flip too. It worked for about two weeks and then the battery won’t hold a charge. Got it as a promo from Angie’s List so can’t return it. I was a bit torn w/ it — I like more control over my files and the Flip created folders and put files all over my desktop without any way to control file location preferences. We (that really means A) went back to using the video on the Canon point & shoot. The HD Flip does look interesting though.

ariana says:

Shane, I use the flip – the first generation one. It’s soooo easy that I love it. I’d really like to get my hands on the new Meno HD, they have it at costco in a pack with a little tripod for $200. But that’s almost a new lens so I’m torn. Plus mine works fine, my main complaint is that it makes this annoying clicking sound when it zooms in.

Shane says:

What camera do you use for video?

Juliana says:

Congratulations!! Now prepare your back and feet to be following him around! Things are just going to get better from now on!!!

ariana says:

JB, he does already! He spent the two days before pulling up moving the walls of baby jail around with one hand – I call him “Bam Bam” :)

jbhat says:

Congratulations! That is amazing. It’s just going to keep getting better. And he’s going to want OUT of the baby jail any day now.


Katie says:

Congrats! My little one is pulling herself up as well. I know have to figure out what needs to be baby proofed! Can you baby proof a dog? haha!

Yeah for big milestones!

ariana says:

Exactly Keri! He already got his first boo boo from doing a faceplant into a toy this morning :(

Keri says:

Yea- go Jasper! Hadley is pulling up, too, and now that she can do so, she rarely stays off those feet! That means a lot of me following her around trying to keep her from toppling over. Fun days:-)!