Croup :(


That’s the bad news. Jasper developed the characteristic croupy barking seal cough last night… his fever did break, so that at least is a good thing.

We almost went to the emergency room this morning when he woke up at 4am breathing like Darth Vader. That’s the one thing they say about croup, if they have stridor (noisy breathing) while resting, get thee to the E.R. I think maybe it was just some mucos stuck on his vocal chords though, because after being up for about 10 minutes he sounded ok. Still, it was a long morning, Jeff watched him sleep on the monitor for most of the remainder of the morning.

The GOOD news is that Jasper starting doing some amazing new things for the first time yesterday and even though I only have a second, I can’t let these milestones go unrecorded!

1) Waving (ok, arm flapping) bye bye back at us

2) Perhaps inspired by the wonderful book suggestions you all gave us, Jasper is now turning the pages to the books while we read them!

3) Saying mama and dada when I tell him to. He’s been doing this sort of intermittantly  for a few weeks now, but yesterday was the first time Jeff really heard him do it consistantly, so that makes it seem more ‘real.’ (Jeff NEVER believes me until he sees it for himself!)

Wish us luck,… it could be a very, very long night.

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ariana says:

Hi Tasha,
I would give a try :)

Tasha says:

Poor thing! Get better, Jasper!
On a side note, I do have one question to ask you: I have been editing most of my photos but when I go to get prints made they come our HORRIBLE! I am just using Walgreens photo and I am sure there are better companies to have digital prints made. Any suggestions?

ariana says:

Update: He’s sounding slightly less “croupy” and more just bad congested coughy, so I may have been wrong in my diagnosis (the mom who cried “croup?”) I’ll let you know what the pedi says tomorrow…update on the update: It is croup.

The awesome thing is.. I got him on video saying mama AND waving!!! So stay tuned for tomorrow’s episode :)

JB, you are so right, what a great way to put it!

Jenna, thank you so much for that info. Better to be prepared right? I hope Eli doesn’t come down with anything.. and your sidenote was so sweet, thank you!!

Kari, see update, can’t wait to share the video. I can’t believe I actually got it on tape…

Keri says:

I hope little Jasper feels well soon– and congrats on the new milestones! We’re working on waving right now, too:-)!

Farah says:

Hoping for a fast recovery. Congrats on mew milestones

kari says:

I hope your poor little guy gets to feeling better soon!

Congrats on the milestones!! Does it just melt your heart when he says “mama”? (Liam hasn’t said that yet… just “Da Da” and never when prompted! go figure.)

you have to get the waving on video so we can see!

praying for a smooth, healthy night for you all!

p.s. i SO hear you on DH not believing anything until they see it!

pp.s thanks for the shout out on the giggle post the other day ;)

Jenna says:

You probably DON’T want to hear this, but just an FYI from another protective mommy. Eli was exposed to viral pneumonia over the weekend. The child was showing no signs of being sick at the time, so hopefully we’re in the clear. But her first sign was a random low grade fever that suddenly spiked to 104.5. Eli has had a low grade fever for a couple of days, but I’m hoping and praying that it’s related to teething. Although, I did call his doctor to see what I should look for, since he was exposed. They said to keep a check on his temp and to watch/listen for labored breathing, wheezing, or coughing. I know that my little brother had the croup often as a baby, and it was never a big deal. So hopefully that’s all your little man has! But just because my philosophy is that we as moms can never be too careful (as long as we’re letting them have a life!), I thought I would mention it. So not to scare you, but just keep a check on his temp and symptoms, as I’m sure you are!

Also, on a comical sidenote, my husband knows all about you guys, as Ariana and Jasper have become common names in our household! He laughs because I talk about you like we actually know each other!

jbhat says:

He seems to be making sure to cover every last possible section in the What to Expect the First Year book with you, isn’t he? What a little multi-tasker he is. I too hope that he feels better soon, and keeps you all out of the ER. You must be exhausted.

mandy says:

bless his heart! i hope he feels better soon. and congrats on the milestones. it is always so exciting to see your babies grow and learn!

Molly says:

Oh man, sorry about the little sickie kiddo. But hey, at least he will say mama and dada. We’re still not saying any words at all yet.

S says:

I’m so sorry to hear about the croup! I hope Jasper gets well soon!