Planet Pixies Earth Day Giveaway Winner

And the winner is (drumroll please….)


Erin will be getting her choice Maia the Tree pixie in the mail

Don’t forget you can order your own pixie from the I love my planet toys online store, Amazon, or find them at a store new you.

And because I hate doing a post without a video or picture of Jasper in it, I thought you all might like to see this:

Are all babies this easily amused or is it just our kid?


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Jasper’s baby giggles just made my day! P.s. love your carpet!

erin says:

Oh my! I never win anything, thank you!!

lelu says:

What a cute giggle!!!

Samm Ivri says:

So cute! DD also cracks up at random things sometimes. I love it.

kari says:

his giggle is too much! i love it!