Jasper Recommends: BRU Robeez Knockoffs

Koala Kids Robeez

Shot with my Panasonic Lumix point & shoot – feeling lazy!

When I saw these Koala Baby Robeez style shoes at BRU last week I was skeptical.. $14? Were they made of pleather?

But I’m happy to report that they are made of real leather and every bit as comfy and easy to get on and off as his Robeez. And they are super adorable don’t you think?

I wish they had more, this was the only style my local BRU had and it was the last pair in his size. They don’t have them online at all.  Have you seen other cute styles at your BRU?

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Linda says:

Hi Ariana,

I’m a long time lurker, first time commentor. I have a son who’s just a few weeks younger than Jasper, so I’ve been following your adventures for a while now. I’ve learned so many great tips from this site :) I just wanted to say those shoes are so cute! Also, I was wondering: has Jasper experienced a sleep regression due to learning how to crawl? If so, was there anything you did that helped him get back to his old sleep patterns? Thanks!

ariana says:

Hi Linda,
So glad you delurked! I did not actually notice any specific sleep problems when Jasper first started crawling (just before seven months – military style which he still does). But I do know there is an 8 month sleep regression (they talk about it on askmoxie.com) that I’m worried about hitting any moment now.. also, Jasper has started to sleep better and a bit longer in the past week or so, so there is hope ;) Oh, and the good news about sleep regressions is that supposedly once they are through them they sleep better than before them! Good luck ;)

kari says:

… you are going to laugh. i bought those EXACT same shoes for Liam before we went to Oregon!

heres another random – i wasn’t gonna tell you, thought you might not beleive me, but i asked kurt, and he said that i should tell you. o.k. – on your anniversary -in your sweet note to your hubby, you called him shmoo… thats my nickname for kurt too.

not to get all swf on you or anything, but its pretty bizarre.

have a great day!

I second the Target-style Robeez. We love them, and there are lots of styles to pick from!

ariana says:

Melanie, I forgot about those! I saw them last week at Target but they only had girl styles. will have to check back, thanks!

Melanie says:

Target sells Robeez Knockoffs too, the brand is called Ministar. We have 2 pairs she wears them every day without a fuss and they were $12 a pair, and they have a variety of styles.