Night Terrors and Baby Jail

Jasper Gives you a tour of his new baby jail:

After reading your recommendations on play yards and doing some research, I decided I wanted to get the L’il Playzone, mostly because it doesn’t look like a dog kennel.  …

Mommy Necklace Photoshoot!

So I mentioned yesterday that we had a mini family reunion Saturday. It was a beautiful but HOT day (hence why Jasper is in diaper only!) with a lot of overhead sun – not at all ideal for picture …

A Facebook Family Reunion!

This past Saturday I met my mom’s first cousin Wendy for the first time. You heard me right, for the first time ever!

And not because she lives in some far flung part of the earth, but rather because her …

Planet Pixies Earth Day Giveaway Winner

And the winner is (drumroll please….)


Erin will be getting her choice Maia the Tree pixie in the mail

Don’t forget you can order your own pixie from the I love my planet toys online store, Amazon

Photoshop Friday: A Peek Into Lightroom

You’ve heard me evangelize about Adobe Lightroom, but you probably have been wondering what all the fuss is about. I know I didn’t get it until I actually saw it. Actually, I didn’t get it until I saw it …

My Nifty Fifty Returns from the Canon Hospital!

And it’s soooo much better! I am seriously kicking myself for not realizing the problem and getting it fixed earlier.. all those precious photos of itty bitty Jasper that are slightly out of focus just KILL me now when I …

Planet Pixies Earth Day Giveaway!

To celebrate earth day we have a very special Earth Friendly Giveaway: The Planet Pixie of the winner’s choice from I Love My Planet Toys!


The pixie dolls are made of organic cotton and each comes from a different part …

Baby in a Basket Photoshoot

Shot with my Canon Digital Rebel Xsi
Sigma 30mm 1.4 lens at these settings:
F 2.8
Shutter speed 1/100 – 1/125
ISO 200.
Image Post Processing in Adobe Lightroom 2.0

Even though Jasper has been sitting for over two …

Consignment Sale Scores

Consigment Sale


Ever since I scored the in perfect condition $125  glider last year for Jasper’s Nursery (same model retailed for close to $800 new) I have been completely enamored of our  twice yearly local consignment sale “As They Grow“.…

Jasper Recommends: BRU Robeez Knockoffs

Koala Kids Robeez

Shot with my Panasonic Lumix point & shoot – feeling lazy!

When I saw these Koala Baby Robeez style shoes at BRU last week I was skeptical.. $14? Were they made of pleather?

But I’m happy to report that they …