Photoshop Actions & A Crochet Birthday Hat!

Last time I posted about crochet I was still looking for a good crochet hat pattern to use for my friend’s daughter Gemma. Commenter Lucy was kind enough to point me to and even send me some great patterns. But in the end, I decided I could use the same Flier hat pattern I used for Jasper’s hat and just embellish it to make it more girly.

Here’s how it came out:



I added the furry white pom pom and the furry yarn to the ties to make it more frilly.. I also made the little flower out of felt I had left over from Jasper’s Felt Mobile project. The button in the center was from my mom’s antique button collection which inspired the shape of the flower.

I haven’t seen Gemma in it yet because she was not in a hat wearing mood at her party, but I hope she’ll get some good use out of it during the remainder of this nasty winter we’re having in the northeast!

Here’s a picture I snapped of Tracy with birthday girl Gemma:

The light was really low, but I still didn’t use my camera’s flash and was able to save it in photoshop.

Here’s what it looked like SOOC:

I cheated a bit on this one and after some basic adjustments I ran Pioneer Woman’s “PW’s B&W Action” from her Action Set I.

Hmm, actions? What’s this??

Yes dear reader, I have been holding out on you …

There is an entire world out there of free and paid “actions” which are a series of steps to manipulate a photo that run automagically.  They are completely and utterly addicting, which is not the reason I haven’t talked about them yet,  it’s because I believe that actions are amazing and fun and helpful, but it’s really important to understand how to do some basic manipulations yourself first. That way you can tweak the actions and even make your own rather than churn out the same effect over and over again.

But now that the cat is out of the bag, go download Pioneer Woman’s Action Set I.

Oh, and read her blog too, it’s like bloggy crack!

My next post will be about how to load the actions and some links to my other favorite free actions. If you are impatient like me and can’t wait, a google search will most likely offer up the steps!

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Sarah says:

Love, love, love the beautiful hat!

Love, love, love the breathtaking picture!

kari says:

love the hat,
love your tips,
and also am a pdub fan!

Sophia says:

I can´t wait to have more tips and specially the other free actions (i just loved those on already)! :D!

Sarah T. says:

I love the hat! Maybe I should start brushing up on my skills while I have the time!

Alana Powers says:

I love that, can I pay you for one?

Mandy Rose says:

I really LOVE your photoshop tips! I know I tell you that often…but honestly…thank you!! I feel like I am not photoshop illiterate now.

Jasper just keeps getting cuter!