Giant Bear Photos

Having a husband that works at Toys R Us has a few advantages.. well normally only one (a whopping 10% employee discount at BRU and TRU that you can’t even use on diapers!) until Jeff brought home this Giant Bear.

Unfortunately we can’t actually keep it, on loan because they needed it photographed with a baby and of course I was happy to oblige!  The bear posed a bit of a photographic challenge in that I usually put my backdrop draped over our dining room table but the bear was much too tall for that.  The other photos I just put the bear up against the wall where we have a white curtain hanging. I’m not thrilled with the background in any of these, but Jasper was super cooperative – particularly when Daddy assisted by making him laugh!

If I do ever start a photography business, I think I’m going to need a giant bear don’t you?


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Heather says:

He (Jasper) is so incredibly cute! Especially in his cute pjs!

Alicia says:

i’m typically not a big fan of giant stuffed animals.. but jasper has won me over!

ariana says:

Claudia, I agree (of course!) but by model baby I guess I mean babies who’s mom’s have time to bring them to auditions and such. If I didn’t have a job then maybe Jasper would be the next gerber or pampers baby!

Claudia says:

What do you mean “model babies”…Jasper could be a model baby. He’s super cute.

ariana says:

LOL jbhat, that is an understatement!

Sorry anne marie, missed the last part of your comment..they needed a picture with the baby so that buyers could see the scale of the bear. Its for the internal buyers, for consumer catalogs etc I’m sure they will hire real photographers and model babies :)

jbhat says:

He is Mr. Personality. Jasper, not the bear.

Kimberly says:

So, so cute…. Jasper is just adorable!

Sarah T. says:

He’s too cute! and I love the big bear! You’ll definitely have to look into one of those if you start up a photography business.

ariana says:

Claudia, the giant bear will be available at TRU this year sometime (I can find out when).

Anne Marie, thanks for the suggestion! I have used fleece for a newborn I photographed but I don’t have a big enough piece for Jasper and wider angle shots.. I have to get myself to a fabric store, thanks for the suggestion! :)

anne marie (pinkbubbles) says:

you should try using fleece. it doesn’t wrinkle ;o) the pictures are awesome. i love the big bear and OMG jaspers smile is killing me. my favorite is the last one. curious though. why did they need a picture of it with a baby? (sorry i am nosey lol)

Katie says:

Love them! So cute! Your little man is adorable!

Claudia says:

The photos are so cute. I love the ones of Jasper in his jammies the best. I think I’ll find myself a giant bear so I can photograph JJ like that too.

Well, the photos — as usual — look uber professional! I always love every single one of them.

ariana says:

Ha! No, I wish.. I’m using curtains!!! Most pros use “seamless paper” which is just paper on a giant roll. I don’t have room for that right now so drape curtains over things and put jasper in front of them. The problem is wrinkles. I hate ironing ;)

I love them! What do you use for a backdrop — an officially professional one, like a screen?