Can I get an Hallelujah Please?

The skies just opened and the angels just sang.. Day Four of Ferber and I just put Jasper in his crib, closed the door and without so much as a whimper made himself comfortable and went down for a nap.  No fuss, no cry.

Last night at bedtime it was the same thing! Well, he cried for about ten seconds and then rolled all around the crib for 20 minutes trying to find a comfy position. But he then fell asleep.

I’m still in shock –  this is like the holy grail of parenting. We’ve gotten bedtime AND naps going well. I couldn’t be happier!!

When Jasper wakes up we go to the pedi for his 6 month visit. I can’t wait to see how much he’s grown in the last two months…

Back with his stats in the afternoon!


Back from the pedi. Jasper is 16 lbs 14 oz and 26.25 inches which aparently makes him…. average! But after the short femur scare, I’ll take average any day! It also confirms the instinct that I’ve had all along (despite Jeff telling me I’m making Jasper fat!) that even though he’s eating every two hours during the day and every four or so at night he is not being OVER fed or surely he’d be more than just average right?

Jeff and I had a bet going that if Jasper was under 20lbs I get to buy a new camera lens.  So it’s just good news all around :)

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ariana says:

The naps are great! But I think his age has a LOT to do with it. Most people would say that anything under 5 months is much too early for any type of CIO (as you discovered!). At 3 months they are still practically in the womb (fourth trimester as Harvey Karp would say) and you just do whatever works. Throw reflux in and it’s a mess. It does stick, but I think a big part of it is coming out of the 4 month sleep regression (which lasts around a month) when supposedly their brains do some maturing in the parts that regulate sleep. Good luck and keep us posted!

Jenna says:

Yeah, the options of lenses that go below 2.8 are quite limited, especially without spending a ton! Congrats on the victory!

Are naps still going well? My little guy, Eli, is only 3 months old, but he doesn’t nap well and is still feeding once during the night. He is going through a phase of thinking his wake time is 5am, which is killing me! We’ve used BabyWise, as well as many of the Baby Whisperer’s principles thus far, so he’s been on a 3 hour feed/wake/sleep cycle since the beginning. He just can’t quite get the sleep thing down. He too suffers from reflux, so even when he does fall asleep his naps only last about 30 minutes. He wants to be held the majority of the time and definitely has to be held to fall asleep. I tried letting him cry about a month ago, but he just wasn’t ready. He went into a rage cry and would not settle. I was just curious about how well falling asleep on their own sticks once you get over the hump. Any insight?

Alicia says:

hooray and great job!
i know how agonizing it can be, and i’m proud you survived it :o)

ariana says:

LOL Jenna, I’m jealous of your 40D! The 50mm is awesome. I just wanted something a little more wide angle (which if you have the 18-200 you already have) because our rooms are small and the 50mm on the rebel is a bit close. I will still use the 50 all the time, but I’m thinking the Tamron 28-75. My only concern is that it’s a max aperature of 2.8 and i find myself needing to shoot from 2-2.5 a lot.. I know it will be great for outdoors though. Supposedly it’s sharp as a tac (if you get a good copy!).

Jenna says:

The REAL question is…What lens are you going to get?? I’d take THAT good news any day! We just upgraded from the Rebel XTi to the 40D. I also ordered the 50mm lens per your recommendation. It’s going to be an adjustment for me to get used to a stationery lens, but I think I’m going to love it! The 18-200 is pretty phenomenal as well!

kari says:

oh hallelujah sister! – and a big AMEN!
can’t wait for the 6 month pedi update!

Sara says:

Yahoooooo! You did it! Don’t you feel like SuperMom now?

jbhat says:

Wow! Congratulations on this enormous breakthrough. Ferberizing (ugh, that word!) is awful, but effective once you suffer through it. Here’s to his continued success in falling asleep easily. And wow, now what are you going to do with your time?