Jasper’s Law

Jasper’s Law: Wait until mommy says something like “He totally stopped spitting up” to his daycare teachers or “the middle of the night wakings aren’t as bad as the early bed time” on this blog and then a) proceed to immediately spit up entire contents of feeding and then b) the very next night wake up EVERY HOUR and have basically the worst night ever.

I really must learn to keep my mouth shut!

Seriously though, thank you all for your sleep advice, it helps so much to hear what is or isn’t working for other people.

The night that I posted this and he was up every hour I *think* was a result of him being super constipated from solids. It was his third night on no poop, so I imagine he was fairly uncomfortable.

Speaking of which, I actually skipped rice cereal altogether and had gone straight to veggies. My theory was that everyone I know says rice cereal constipates, so why chance it? I then (unbeknowst to me) proceeded to give him all the most constipating veggies! Sweet potato, squash, and applesauce.

Can we talk about apples/applesauce? I gave him a whole jar operating under the assumption that if drs say to give constipated babies apple juice, that apples or applesauce is the next best thing right? Wrong.

Apparently applesauce is extremely constipating.  And I fed a whole jar to my already constipated little guy :(

Thankfully another member of the daycare breastfeeding posse clued me in and he got prunes that night and there were “results” the next morning.

I’ve never been so happy to change a poopy diaper in my life!

Nor did I ever imagine that I’d write anything that said the word “constipating” so many times.

Happy Valentine’s day to you and your little ones!

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Rachel says:

He probably still does need it… I tried to wean Sofia from Zantac several weeks ago and she seemed to still need it. I think they get to a point where they don’t. However, our doctors never told us that the Zantac might be causing constipation, even though I complained about this issue at visits to the two different doctors we see, and it wasn’t until I was at my wit’s end and googling Zantac + constipation that I realized it could be the cause of Sofia’s constipation. She’s eight months now, so maybe when he’s a little bigger, he wont need it either. A glycerin suppository now and then isn’t so bad as long as they don’t need it forever!

ariana says:

You are right I’m sure, I’ve long heard that prevacid is constipating,we only escaped before because breast milk has such a laxative effect. I think many reflux parents use miralax too, I’d personally rather wean from prevacid if we possibly can.. I’m just worried of course that he still needs it.

Rachel says:

We’ve had constipation issues ever since our baby started eating solids. When she first started, she went six and then seven days without a poop– both times I had to give her the glycerin suppositories. Still is a problem, but I think we may have just discovered the culprit (she’s eight months now)– the Zantac! She was ready to be weaned of it, though, so I stopped giving it to her and since then there have been good results. So keep that in mind if it continues, and if he’s still on any kind of stomach meds!

ariana says:

Steph, I’ve heard that about the glycerin suppositories.. I’m so scared to try them, but that was the plan if we had gone one more day.

Jules, we’ve been feeding J pears now almost every day.

Hi Justink, can’t wait to see you next week :)

Candace, congrats on your new baby girl!

Trying I hope you are enjoying the new camera!!

tryingin2007 says:

got the camera today. sooooo exciting! :)

solids are funny. rice cereal gives ginny borderline diarrhea! bizarre. it’s the pears/oatmeal/bananas blend that makes her a bit constipated. every new solid that we introduce is like a science experiment. who knows…

Candace says:

I’ve been a silent reader for a while, and I just had my first baby in December….I understand “Jasper’s Law” completely. If I say my baby girl is a good baby she will immediately prove me wrong…

JustinK says:

Ha!!! You said ‘poopy’….best post ever….
I miss you guys. Hope I can visit soon!

Jules says:

Apple juice is also very constipating for some babies. I say some because with Nicholas it isn’t. You have to test it out and see how Jasper does when he is older.

The best juice for constipation is pear juice. That works like a charm every time!

Stephanie says:

This is totally not normal, and was really disturbing at the time, but it makes me laugh now.

When my daughter Chloe was a baby, she had horrible problems with constipation. There were reasons for this that I won’t go into here, but it wasn’t unusual for her to go a week without pooping. One time, it had been TEN DAYS and we’d tried everything – water, prune juice, pear juice, Milk of Magnesia (on the advice of our pediatrician) – you name it, we tried it. Nothing worked. So the doc told us to give her a glycerin suppository. OH MY GOD! Talk about opening the gates of hell! I still remember my husband pressing a clean diaper up against her bum like a shield and yelling “It’s never going to stop!” I can’t even describe it (and even if I could, I think I would spare you the trauma) but seriously, it seemed like GALLONS of liquid green poop. I’ll never forget it!

The things the baby books never warn you about…

jbhat says:

OMG, he is so cute. Seriously, there is nothing like a little prune juice or puree to help one on one’s way. In fact, the other day my kiddo and I clinked glasses of prune juice and said cheers to our future success in “business.” Worked like a charm.

Jen says:

You poor thing. I noticed the same thing. Whenever I post about some miraculous long block of sleep at night, she’s up every 15 minutes the next night…and the next 20 nights. Thanks for the heads up on constipating solids… I worried about rice cereal for that reason, but I thought apple sauce would have been safe considering they tell me to give her apple juice when she’s constipated, so yikes! Maybe I should start her with prunes! :)

kari says:

jaspers law – i love it. this is a really cute entry! it reminds me of the time liam rolled over just before he turned 4 months, of course i told everyone… and you know -he didn’t do it again for another month!

i am happy about Jaspers “results”!

re: the water… i offer Liam a couple of ounces from a cup when we feed him. Sometimes he drinks all of it – sometimes he spills most of it.

jenn says:

pears are also a good one to help things move along. after one and a half days on no poop here i called the nurse line and she suggested pears. next morning, lots of results! and jasper is so cute!! i love the fur rug – so sweet.