Photoshop Friday: Quick Fix!

Sometimes photos need extensive editing.. and sometimes this quick and dirty method is all you need

Giant Bear Photos

Having a husband that works at Toys R Us has a few advantages.. well normally only one (a whopping 10% employee discount at BRU and TRU that you can’t even use on diapers!) until Jeff brought home this Giant Bear.…

Can I get an Hallelujah Please?

The skies just opened and the angels just sang.. Day Four of Ferber and I just put Jasper in his crib, closed the door and without so much as a whimper made himself comfortable and went down for a nap.  …

A Weekend of Ferber

We started Ferberizing poor Jasper this weekend. It sucked. Bad.

The first night he cried for about 20 minutes which seemed like 20 years. But he did sleep pretty well IN HIS OWN ROOM in HIS OWN CRIB!!! for the …

Photoshop Tutorial – Eye Pop Technique

It’s Photoshop friday!

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make the eyes really “pop” out in your kiddo’s portraits. Example:


And After:

Enjoy, and as always, let me know if you have any questions :)

Update: Em asked …

Happy 6 Month Birthday Jasper!

Dear Jasper,

Today you are 1/2 a year old!

This past month was a big one because you started sitting up which must be a whole new exciting view for you. You also started eating solids which I’m sure must …

Crochet Flyer Hat

I am the proud product of a Waldorf School. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Waldorf Education, I won’t fill you in here because it would take eons, but I can say that there is a LOT …

Jasper’s Law

Jasper’s Law: Wait until mommy says something like “He totally stopped spitting up” to his daycare teachers or “the middle of the night wakings aren’t as bad as the early bed time” on this blog and …

Can We Talk about Wakeup Time?

Sometime in the last two weeks Jasper decided that 5am is his new wakeup time.


He has been sleeping on his tummy in the bassinet next to my bed and he wakes up around 5am, pushes his little head …

Reflux and Dairy Allergy Cured!

I can’t believe I am posting this.. there were so many dark hours in which I thought we’d NEVER get here, but I think I can officially say that Jasper’s GI system has made a miraculous turn around.

So I …