State of the Uterus 40 Weeks and 1 Day

The only thing worse than going past your due date without giving birth is finding out that you are making ZERO progress!

Yep, as of my appointment yesterday I am still fingertip dilated, 50% effaced, cervix posterior i.e. not a lick of progress since last week. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

This, my friends, is why people say not to get internals. Not only are they incredibly uncomfortable, but they can be so damn discouraging.

It also doesn’t help when I visit the nest 3rd trimester boards and everyone is dilated and effaced more than me even if they are a few weeks behind me. And then there are those due a few weeks after me who have already had their babies. Stop cutting the line people! :)

I guess there is nothing surprising about the fact that my body didn’t know how to GET pregnant without help, so why would it know how to get UNpregnant?

Friday I have a Biophysical Profile (BPP) ultrasound scheduled to check growth, amniotic fluid levels etc. Hopefully those are all normal because I really really want to avoid an induction. I’m not even a good candidate for induction given that my cervix is being all Fort Knox.

I’m trying to focus on the positive, like the fact that I have time for one more pedicure before baby, one more time the house will get cleaned etc. But it’s hard. All I really want is to meet my little boy!

Ok, rant over. Thanks for listening :)

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truspharma says:

Actually, my LANDLADY didn?t even know I was pregnant until I was in the hospital the day after having my son. She is a nurse there and my boyfriend saw her and told her the news and she was shocked that she hadn?t noticed I was pregnant at all. lol, and I?d been living here the whole 9 months.

Jaimie says:

My due date is this Saturday (the 16th) and just today I am starting to feel like I am ready to get the show on the road. Physically I am not having much difficulty and could probably continue on for quite a while, but mentally I am getting impatient. I’m finding it hard to know whether to try to get a bunch of things done around the house, or just to relax. They won’t schedule induction until the week of the 25th so in theory I still may have over a week to go … so I sympathize!

baratch says:

Hello.This is first time for me to visit your site.
I have three children (6year-old boy,4year-old boy,2year-old girl)
Waiting baby is so exciting ! I hope you will see your boy soon!
I’m happy if you link to my site.It is written in Japanese(some of the words are English) but show pictures.

Jessica says:

Just wanted to say that I do understand how you feel – I went 40 weeks, 4 days with my son when he basically failed the BPP and had to be induced. I was frustrated by having to wait so long and now, if I had it to do over, I’d have him late and induced all over again. I am glad I kept him inside me for as long as possible, and I am thrilled that I have a healthy one-year-old now. I hope your little one decides to come out on his own soon! Don’t be discouraged by the lack of progress thus far – these things can happen very quickly. Good luck!

Melanie says:

Ohhh no!! i can’t believe you went overdue! i’m sorry! i hope he comes soon… lots of labor dust ;-)

Jennifer says:

Well, it’s clear that you still have your sense of humor intact. Cutting in line, a cervix as secure as Fort Knox. Even though your baby’s birth timing is off, he’s bound to inherit your comedic timing.

Hang in there!

Emily says:

Hang in there. I was five days late and it was unbearable at the time but in retrospect, try to enjoy the last days. Try to relax. It’s impossible not to think of anything other than having the baby but try. Go to lunch or dinner if you can. Take some walks. Read. Watch some movies. Don’t stress over getting more done. Pretty soon you will forget all this and you will meet your little boy!

Dawn says:

I’m so sorry! I wish I had some words to make it better, or to give you an ounce of comfort. All I have is hang in there. Like you have a choice, right? You know he’ll get here – one way or another, it’s just so frustrating not knowing when. You’ve certainly done your time! I hope he comes soon!

ariana says:

Good question. Maybe babystrology knows something I don’t know? Or maybe it starts counting backwards!

Trying, yes I am still working. I have a desk job, so I can sit and wait at work or sit and wait at home. Work has central a/c so work wins! I so much wish you still lived in westchester.. and after shopping and commiserating we could go to angela for induction acupuncture ;)

Leah, we have tried a few things…obviously none of them have worked! The only thing I will NOT do is castor oil. I’ve read it can be dangerous because it can make the baby pass meconium which is already a concern once you are post date.

Katherine says:

Oh, God I was hoping you’d say you were having contractions because I am READY to get going with my little boy. Due this Sunday, and let’s just say the pressure I’m feeling on my #2 hole is very upsetting! Very. Stop reading thenest boards! Hahahaha. Crossing my fingers for both of us!

LaurenJ says:

I’ve been lurking for a few weeks now and just wanted to add my good wishes. I went 41 weeks 2 days with my 1st baby and 41 weeks with my 2nd. I clearly remember the pregnancy message boards and EVERYONE in my month gave birth before me. As in, everyone. SO frustrating but, trust me, Jasper will be your greatest joy and all will be forgiven in no time. Best wishes for a quick and easy delivery!

Alison says:

Somehow found myself here…for what it’s worth, I was 11 days overdue with my first (a boy) – I can totally relate to the “cutting in line” thing. I would get so frustrated at everyone from my classes who kept going into labor before me. I’ve got two healthy kids now and those 11 days of misery are a distant memory for me – they will be for you too. I promise.

mandoo says:

A little bit disheartening, but I am sure that Jasper will come soon enough and it will be like he was always there! Will definitely be sending labor wishes and thoughts your way.

Leah says:

Good advice on the internal exam. I hope the little guy comes out soon! Are you trying anything to see if it helps pop him out?

tryingin2007 says:

are you still working at this point?

if I still lived in dobbs ferry we could be meeting at the westchester mall for lunch and shopping and complaining and shopping and moaning and shopping and… just being grumpy and having someone who understands.

lsaspacey says:

“Never been pregnant” here so I have to ask, why does still say two days to go?

Salty says:

I feel like I’ve been preggo forever and I’m only 6 months! I feel for you. He’ll be here really soon though and once he is you can’t put him back in :) I hope you enjoy that pedicure. If you enjoy house cleaning, enjoy that too (and more power to you!)

Hope that cervix opens up soon!

leah says:

I’ve been a lurker for a while, but have been thinking of you and your state of the uterus over the weekend.

I had to lol at the “stop cutting the line!”

Praying for you lady.

ariana says:

Thanks, I need all the vibes I can get!

LOL Io, that’s probably exactly what it means :)

Jill says:

Ugh, how frustrating! I hope your body starts to cooperate soon!

Io says:

Good luck – I hope this doesn’t mean he will be forever late to everything!

monica says:

Oh you poor thing! I will be sending dilation vibes your way! I hope you don’t have to wait too much longer!