What Will Jasper Look Like?

With Japser’s (hopefully) imminent arrival, I’ve been thinking a lot about what he will look like. Jeff and I both have greenish eyes and brown curly hair, so that seems to be a given, but other than that I am just so impatient and curious to know who he will take after!

Of course I think Jeff is gorgeous and want little Jasper to look just like him.

We pulled out some baby pictures of the two of us to see what we might be in store for. One thing is for sure, if he looks like baby Jeff:

He will have really big droopy cheeks at first and a fuzz of black hair…

He may look a little bit like a potato head a few months later (with even bigger cheeks!)…

But will a few months after that become the cutest and happiest looking baby boy in the world…

Or, if he looks like his mommy, he will:
Have A LOT of spiky black hair when born:

Have big round eyes and long curls by the time he’s crawling..

And really long eyelashes and a tiny little space between his mouth and his nose by the time he’s 1 years old..

Or, he could be a combination of all of these traits or none of them at all. Which is I guess why it’s so exciting, you just never can tell!

This may be too long and boring for you to be interested in watching, but digging up all these baby pictures made me think of the love story montage our awesome wedding videographer put together for us, it has a ton more growing up pictures and then a brief section of after we met. We showed it at our rehearsal dinner outside on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach on a big projection screen. There were tons of strangers that stopped to watch too, it was one of the many fond memories I have of our amazing wedding weekend:

3 days and counting until Due Day!!!!

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kory says:

wow, that’s a GREAT videographer! i wish we had service like that available here, really nice and not too cheesy :D

ariana says:

Definitely big cheeks, maybe we’ll call him chipmunk!

Trying, I can’t wait to see how your baby looks either! I’ve always found that mixed ethnicity children are the most beautiful… god’s way of telling us something I think ;)

tryingin2007 says:

jasper will no doubt be cute as could be. how could he not with 2 gorgeous parents? I often (every day) wonder what our baby will look like. everyone says the asian/swedish combo will be beautiful. that scares me. high expectations. he/she could look like some bizarre science experiment.

your potato head comment made me literally laugh out loud!

priscilla says:

Beautiful pictures. Jasper will be a cute combo package of mom and dad. And big cheeks are in his future!

Kristin says:

Sorry that comment came out kinda cheesy – I didn’t mean for it to be.

Kristin says:

Very touching! You and Jeff are coming full circle. Thank you for sharing…you are so close hang in there lady!

TheRightWife says:

Awww, either way the kid is going to look great :)

ariana says:

Oooh, Justin I could really piss him off and post the plaid suit grade school picture!! *evil laugh* He’d totally kill me.

JustinK says:

WOW, thank you so much for posting those baby pics of Jeff. That was the best laugh I’ve had in days.

mandoo says:

you both were beautiful babies and I love the potato head photo!

monica says:

Awww you were both really pretty babies.

ariana says:

Claudia, yes Jeff did draw that! It comes in handy sometimes having an artistic husband :) If your husband has siblings or parents with light eyes your kids could still have light eyes right?

Aw, thanks Lou!

Mom Quixote says:

I don’t know whom he’ll look like, but taking after either one of you, from these pictures, makes it a given he’ll be gorgeous!

Claudia says:

What a cute video. I love the picture at the end. Did Jeff draw that?

One thing is for sure, your baby will have beautiful eyes. I have green eyes, but my hubby’s eyes are brown, so they cancel mine out. =o(