State of the Uterus 38.5 weeks

I never posted about my 38 week appointment on Monday. Probably because it was totally uneventful..

Midwife Judy (who was the one who took care of me during my first preterm labor episode) didn’t offer me an internal and I didn’t ask for one figuring that I’d get one at my next 39 week appointment.

This made Jeff very unhappy!

At his office they have a pool going on, and I guess everyone wanted to know if I’d made any “progress.”

I never would have believed you if you’d told me years ago that there would be people I’ve never met wanting to know how many centimeters dilated my cervix is!

The only other news of note is that I weighed in again at 158 lbs, the same that I was at 36 & 37 weeks. I was irrationally happy at that news. Does that make me a terrible person??

I should probably be worried that it means the baby isn’t growing as he is supposed to be gaining almost half a lb a week at this point.. but I have read several places that your weight gain may slow or even stop in the last month. Of course, I haven’t followed any of the “typical” patterns of weight gain this whole pregnancy so I was sure that wouldn’t apply to me. But I didn’t realize how happy I’d be when it did.

Now if I could just have this baby before any stretch marks or additional pounds show up!

Speaking of which, he is now so low in my pelvis that I am in constant pain down there. Even when I walk I feel like I am walking around his head. Sleeping has become particularly torturous. Well, not sleeping so much as turning over and getting out of bed (which I do several times a night to pee of course.)

I hope all that pressure is doing SOMETHING to soften/open my cervix. Wish me progress luck at my 39 week appointment Monday!

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Girlfriend – how I remember the discomfort of just turning over in bed (or getting out 57 times in the night to pee) and the pressure looow down in the pelvis when our Baby A felt like he was trying to take up residence in the top of my thigh. Oy vey. Hang in there – it DOES get better!

Emily says:

Hey Ariana – No, just a devoted reader of your blog but still technically a stranger. :)

ariana says:

LOL Dawn, Monday I promise I’ll ask for the internal. If I don’t, I think Jeff will leave me ;) I’m just terrified they are going to say that I’m not dilated or effaced at all.. I don’t think I could handle hearing that!

Dawn says:

I can’t believe you’re not as anxious as I am to know what’s going on in your uterus! Details, girlfriend, we need details! Otherwise I’m so glad everything is going well, I can’t wait to see baby Jasper!

ariana says:

Hi Emily! Do you work with Jeff? If so, what date did you pick? :)

Mel, the internal I got just about knocked my socks off.. at least now I know what to expect!

Tonya, 42 weeks? God bless you. I don’t know how you did it!

Tonya says:

Your baby has probably already grown enough so no worries about the no weight gain. Like you were worried.
Oh the sleeping… I remember the last few weeks (i went to 42 weeks) as being borderline torturous. Even the giant pregnancy pillow I was using was more of a hassle than a help.
You’re almost there!

Melanie says:

i don’t blame you for not asking for an internal. those things hurt like hell! that low pressure was the worst!! i felt it for the last 10 weeks of my pregnancy. blah! feels like someone kicked you in the crotch! i hope this baby comes soon for you!!! i know how anxious you must be! oh, and i’d be happy about the weight thing too! just a few less pounds to worry about losing afterward!

Emily says:

I am one of those strangers you talk about wondering about your cervix! Anxiously awaiting baby pictures. I can only imagine what it must feel like.

tryingin2007 says:

“sleeping,” turning and getting out of bed could NOT be any harder. little one has also dropped and the pressure on my “pelvic floor” is wicked. now throw in high heat and humidity and you have one very cranky pregnant lady.

I hope you get great news next monday!

Farah says:

c’mon baby!