Nursery Tour

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The nursery is finally finished! Here is a little gallery of images, I couldn’t get the captions working so here is a list of where everything came from. If I missed anything you have a question about, just post a comment and I’ll answer to the best of my ability.


Crib: Baby Mod Park Lane from Walmart
Crib Bedding: Orchard Park from Walmart
Monkey Mural: DIY
Safari Mobile above Crib: DIY
Glider: Bought at a consignment sale, but its a dutalier sleigh back
Dresser: Ikea Hemnes 8 drawer Dresser
Drawer Organizers: Ikea Kompliment
Basket with Diapers Etc: Wendy Belissimo from BRU
Mobile above changing table: A shower gift
Art Above the Changing Table: Creative Thursday
Frames for Art: Ikea Ribba in Natural
Rug: Target Dwell Studio Zebra Rug
Nightstand: Ikea Hemnes
Lamp: MiGi Splash Lamp: Available at BRU
Shades: Savannah Roman Shades from JC Penney in Soft Lime

Toys on Shelf: I Love My Planet Toys
Wall Color: Benjamin Moore “crystal blue.”

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Julia says:

What a lovely room, I have been looking at this Ikea range and googled it and you popped up! I want soft duck egg blue walls but we’re having a girl so don’t want it to look too boyish? I guess I could accessorise with pink maybe to soften it?

Nancy says:

Oh so cute! I love the soft colors :)

karina castellanos says:

The nursery looks great! I have a ?, where did you get the elephants, giraffe, lion?

I am a new mom too,its fun working on the nursery,its beautiful

Dawn says:

Absolutely beautiful!!! I love it you did a great job!

Me says:

What a precious room! So sweet… and that monkey mural is adorable!!

Oh, duh. I just realized this was an old post. LOL! Love the name you picked for your little one.

Impossibly cute, Ariana. Impossibly cute! Your sweet little nursery is going up on the blog tomorrow. Congratulations to you on your upcoming arrival! The good news is, for the first few months it will still be pretty easy to keep on blogging. Little ones sleep a lot at first, as I was surprised to learn!

My one and only just turned one a few days ago. Those spring babies are the best, since you can get outside so much. Glad to hear Jeff kicked it into high gear. Funny how a hard deadline makes a man clean like a madman. LOL!

ariana says:

Thanks Franki!! Actually, he’s already 8 months, this post is from a while back now ;)

ariana says:

Thanks Brenda! Yes, I do remember. They were from Ikea but I bought them a ways back for something else so I don’t think they still have that style.. but I could be wrong!

Brenda says:

I really love your babies room. You did an amazing job. Do you remember where you got the Sheer Curtains? And if so, what are they called? Thanks

ariana says:

Hi Wendy, Congratulations! I’ll see if I can find the cans in the basement.. I don’t remember of the top of my head :)

wendy foote says:

Hi, just love the room! I view it all the time. We just found out we are having a boy too. It’s just so exciting. Your little guy’s room has been quite an inspiration. I am deciding whether or not to attempt some kind of artwork on the wall. You’ve shared the blue wall color. However, can you share the other colors used for the tree, monkey, etc…

Thanks so much!

ariana says:

Thanks Jennifer! The floating shelf is Ikea Lack. I didn’t make the animals ;)

Jennifer says:

You have amazing attention to details. Jasper is one lucky boy! Just wondering where did you get the floating shelf? The proportions look perfect with the stuffed animals. Did you make the stuffed animals too? =)

Tururu says:

This nursery is gorgeous!!

ariana says:

Thanks Natalie,
The color is Benjamin Moore “crystal blue.”

Natalie says:

Your nursery is so beautiful! I saw it awhile back on RMS and saved a bunch of the pictures as inspiration for our future nursery! I was wondering if you could tell me the brand and name of the paint you used – it is divine! You are an amazing decorator; keep up the good work! :)

Barb says:

Hi there – Love your nursery.

The prints above the dresser, I couldn’t get the link to work, it looks like it’s on the Etsy site?

Also — the mobile is exactly what I am looking for! Did you make it? Would you want to make and sell one? ;-)

Love your nursery!

ariana says:

Jenna, the dresser is a little bit off white. Our crib is a true white and its never once bothered me and no one has noticed :)

Jenna says:

Quick question…is the dresser from Ikea a true white or is it an off white? I’m looking for one to match a crib that we have and can’t tell by looking at the Ikea site.

Congratulations on your sweet little guy!

joodee says:

Your nursery is beautiful! Still sweet and newborn baby-like but modern at the same time! Can I ask you where those cute little stuffed animals are from? (The monkey, lion, giraffe). You have some talent!

ariana says:

Congratulations, I didn’t realize you were expecting again!!!

Chickfreakcubed, of course, link away! I did make the individual animals. You may be interested in this post from my house blog about mobiles, it has some good links and pics of bird mobiles too:

Wow! I have to say – I am not a mural person, but I LOVE yours. It is tres cute. Do you mind if I link your pics from my blog? And you painted it yourself? Aaaahh!!! I l-o-v-e that zebra rug and considered it for our nursery but then went another direction. Seeing it now though, hmmmm… Can I ask how you made your mobile? Did you actually make the individual animals, or did you find them somewhere? I have been wanting to do something like that with birds. Great job!

patricia says:

Oh, can hardly wait to see the little bundle of joy in that happy room.
Was that a kick I just felt…. good luck and get ready to fall in love all over again.

What a wonderful, wonderful nursery! The animals are precious, and everything comes together so well. Best wishes to you with your delivery and your new baby. The days each of my children were born were the happiest of my life (and I’ve had a good life!).

ariana says:

Thank you all so much!

Monica, the clock radio thingy on the night table is an ihome, which is a dock for ipods. I too wanted to be able to play music for Jasper, and also for me if we are having nursing sessions in the glider :)

Monica says:

Thank you so much for sharing pictures of your baby’s sweet new room. You and your husband did an amazing job and soon there will be a precious little one sleeping in the crib and rocking with you in your chair. Wonderful times are ahead! Was that an i-pod I saw sitting next to your chair? Music was such a special thing for us when my three boys were babies. We played lullabies and beautiful music whenever we were rocking or feeding and had it very softly playing when they drifted off to sleep in their beds. I thought it made for a really lovely transition to dream land … plus it would help filter out any other noises going on in the house. All the best to you in the next few weeks!!

Mrs Mogul says:

That dog really likes that rug! Very nice to have a cool nursery!

TheRightWife says:

Goodness! It is amazing! And, it has been great fun to watch you compile it over the last few months :) Your nursery could easily be featured on any of those “show off your decorating” websites! What a calm and yet joyful room to grow up in!

You did an incredible job! Please send us a few pics and we would love to link back to your nursery for our readers to catch with your permission of course. Really, really well done. Now the fun part begins!Best of luck.

Stephanie says:

Absolutely adorable!

Hillary says:

Your room turned out adorable! It’s funny, I decided early on I wanted a white tree on our brown walls in the baby’s room. We compiled a bunch of pictures of trees and included a pic of your monkey as inspiration to our family friend who sketched the tree for us (she sketched it on the wall, we painted it). Our rooms are SO different, but we have the same zebra rug, too! Yours is so lovely and light and airy – I love it! I’ll post pics of ours once it’s done, so you can see, too. Congrats!

Heather says:

Lucky Jasper! His room is so cute…you’re going to be a great mom!

Yvonne says:

What a lucky baby to have such a beautiful room to come home to!

Melanie says:

it’s gorgeous!! you can tell it was put together with so much love! many happy nights for Jasper in there :-)

Jill says:

I LOVE it! The colors are so peaceful and soothing, but all of the accents give it personality and make it so much fun. The DIY stuff makes it so special and meaningful. I also love that it seems like NOTHING you chose was “designer” (e.g., ridiculously expensive) — you are my hero!

Farah says:

amazing and peaceful!

Elizabeth says:

SO adorable.

Kayla says:

That looks so great! I’m a little jealous.

ariana says:

Thanks, we did! The “we” in this case being my husband :)

Jaimie, I do find it so soothing.. I love it in there. It also has northern exposure windows which makes it even more soothing. Can’t wait to spend quality time with baby in there!

Jaimie says:

The room looks adorable. Our baby-to-be’s room is even smaller than yours! It does make furniture placement more challenging, but it also helped narrow down our choices considerably. Do you find the baby’s room incredibly soothing? I like just popping into our baby’s room to sit in there every once and a while.

Jason says:

The monkey mural is fantastic – did you really freehand it? That’s impressive!

ariana says:

Thanks Mandoo,

It is small, 8 x 12 and it was a bit like putting together a puzzle figuring out where everything could fit. I initally used a program that I blogged about here:
That really helped with the placement.

mandoo says:

I love the nursery and the finished look is amazing. Jasper will be a lucky (and happy) little guy.

To echo Dawn, what size is the room? It doesn’t look very big (in fact, I thought it was much bigger based on prior individual photos), but amazingly uncluttered and efficient use of space.

ariana says:

The room is really small.. 8 x 12. The rug from target says it’s 4×6 and in the reviews people said it seemed smaller. I was totally surprised at how much floor it covered. Obviously it’s not a square shape so it’s sort off anyway..

I’ll email you about your other question ;)

So darn cute! I love it all. So cheerful and bright and yet masculine at the same time.

Dawn says:

It looks great! Love the room, you guys have such great taste and talent! Out of curiousity, what size is Jasper’s room? I’m having space issues with Kate’s and there is a rug I’m dying for but I’m afraid it will just clutter up the room and make me claustrophobic. Also, where are those adorable stuffed animals from in the last photo?