Jeff Gets a Shower!

Wednesday Jeff called me from work. Turns out his co-workers threw him a surprise baby shower!!

So incredibly sweet and unexpected. He said he was totally embarrassed and was sweating the whole time while opening gifts. We got some really nice useful things, including a bunch of organic swaddlers and the like because Jeff is the resident “Green” expert at his company.

The best thing about it is that they all chipped in and gave us a $500 gift card to BRU! It is so generous I can’t even wrap my mind around it. Too bad we have already bought ALL of the big expensive items we needed that we didn’t get at my shower.  I was tempted to return some of them and repurchase them, but I figure since I’ll be on maternity leave soon and only being paid for 6 of the 12 weeks that gift card will REALLY come in handy for supplies like diapers etc.  Plus, I’m sure there are a few things we will realize we need later and it will definitely take the pressure off to have this card.

So thank you Jeff’s coworkers, you made my week!

Other exciting happenings this week include the fact that Tuesday marked the beginning of the sign Leo, which is the sign that Jasper will be born under.

Nothing against Cancers, but I am happy we made it to Leo because there is a lot of Leo energy in my family.

My dad and grandmother are both Leos, my mom and sister have Leo moons and Jeff has Leo rising.  I am all air signs (Libra with Gemini Moon and Aquarius rising) and am just more compatible with fire signs like Leo than water signs like Cancer.

Obviously by now you must know I’m a big believer in astrology. If you ever care to have your child’s chart read by a real astrologer, you must know the exact birth time.. so make sure someone looks and writes it down right away!

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Quincy says:

… was sweating the whole time while opening gifts.

That cracked me up.

Katherine says:

What? So jealous to hear that BRU is under 5 minutes away. I’m a Leo, and my baby should be too, so I add further kudos. Cheers to you!

ariana says:

I knew there was a reason I liked you Lou ;)

You are all right of course, there will be so many things we can’t even fathom we will need right now. Thank god the BRU is under 5 minutes away!

Mom Quixote says:

That was very very awesome of his coworkers!

And guess what? I’m a Libra, too! Libra moon and Cancer rising, if I remember correctly!

Craig’s Aquarius, but not sure of the other stuff…

Farah says:

Oh you will totally use that gift card after he is born. We have made thousands of trips back for “one more thing”

Dawn says:

What a great gift! There is nothing better than having some guilt free play money to go shopping with once things settle down in the house and you’re bored and broke. Gift cards rock!

Can’t wait to have another Leo in the world!

mandoo says:

What a generous gift and don’t worry about finding things to spend it on. Once Jasper arrives, I’m sure you’ll find 1001 things that you’ll need and the BRU card will come in super handy. The little things can really add up.