Happy Full Term to Me!

Sunday marked an important milestone, little Jasper turned 37 weeks old and is now full term – yay!!! He’s welcome, indeed strongly ENCOURAGED to make his appearance anytime now, preferably sooner rather than later as mommy is getting very uncomfortable.

Sunday night I had menstrual like cramps all night long (I know this because I woke up to pee like clockwork every two hours!) and was hoping the cramps were being caused by my cervix dilating.

No such luck :(

Yesterday I had my 37 week appointment at which I met the head midwife at the open door clinic (the only one I hadn’t met yet) and she’s awesome. They all are really, but I’d be very happy if she was the one to deliver me.  Anyway, she asked if I wanted an internal, and since I hadn’t gotten one the week before I decided I wanted to know if anything in the way of progress was being made.

Well first I asked her if I’d dropped because Jeff has been asking me every hour.  Our childbirth instructor told us that when the baby drops, I’d be able to put a hand between the bottom of my boobs and the top of my stomach.  This isn’t the case yet, but I’ve been feeling so much low pressure that I suspect it might not happen that way for me ever.

During the internal, the midwife confirmed that he was really low. In fact she barely got inside there when she was like “there’s the head!”

Then she said “Let’s check the cervix” and proceeded to dig much higher, only to deliver the news that it was totally closed still.

My question of the day is how can you feel the head before the cervix? Doesn’t the cervix come before the head? Is it because the head covers such a big area that you can feel it’s curve lower? I don’t understand!

Anyway, the lowness is good news, but I was really really hoping to hear I was at least a little dilated or effaced, I mean what good is it to have all these cramps and gazillions of contractions if they get you absolutely nowhere?

I’m totally going to be that preterm labor girl that ends up being induced. UGH.

The good news is that I supposedly lost a pound between last week and this week. I say “supposedly” because I’m not convinced that the scales in the different examination rooms aren’t the culprit of my seemingly random weight fluctuations. But I’ll take it, it’s certainly better than last weeks weigh in that showed a gain of 6lbs in two weeks!

Stay tuned for the next “State of the Uterus” address at my next appointment on July 28th :)

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Melanie says:

My doc also told me she felt the head. I was confused. Congrats on making it full term!! Here’s hoping it’s any day now!!! I went from only being 1/2 cm to giving birth within 6 days! Hope it’s the same for you!!

tryingin2007 says:

YES! happy full term to you! that’s very cool!

I too question the different scales at my ob’s office. I have my first internal next week and I’m feeling very anxious about it. because my EDD changed I think we will be delivering around the same time. :)

Mom Quixote says:

OMG any day now: so freaking exciting!

Jill says:

Happy Full-Term Day!!!