Fleurville Sling Tote

My search for a diaper bag is over!

As background, I should say that I am not typically a bag whore. In fact Jeff still maligns the fact that he bought me a $300+ Kate Spade handbag one Christmas at Bloomingdales and I exchanged it for a Winter Coat. Most of my purses have come from places like H&M and Target, none of them generally more than $40.

But when it comes to a diaper bag I wanted a very functional one and just wasn’t impressed with the selection I found at BRU. Then I came across Fleurville sling tote at Buy Buy Baby and everything changed..Expensive? Yes, but quite possibly the world’s best diaper bag! I love that it’s:

A) Stylish (love the patterns & colors)

B) Lot’s of storage.

C) Comes with rings to attach to your stroller

D) Can be worn Messenger style with the included messenger strap or tote style with two straps (that also have non skid at the top so they don’t slide off your shoulder!

E) Is laminated (with what they call “Greenlam” because doesn’t use PVCs) which makes it super easy to clean, which I imagine after putting it down in public bathrooms is quite handy.

F) Has little feet so that it won’t fall over when you put it down.

G) Has soft padded pouches in the outside pockets for mom’s delicate things like ipods and sunglasses.

I figure that after a lifetime of $20-$40 bags I’m entitled to splurge this once. Right?

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ariana says:

LOL Lsa, I’ts more just laziness than any other reason that I didn’t post the link. I should have though so I’m going back to edit it :)

lsaspacey says:

Since you didn’t have a link I was scared what the price would be. However, that is so worth it for exactly the reasons that you mentioned, that bag is a workhorse and for how much time you will spend with it, I think the price is perfectly fine.

Now on the other hand, that Kate Spade bag price…

Melanie says:

nothing is more important than a good diaper bag! enjoy your splurge! it’s worth it cause it is basically your purse for the next few years!

Farah says:

yes splurge away! I am a bag whore!

Toast 2 Mom says:

It’s awesome! You deserve it. You will use, use and use your diaper bag – so splurging, you must! Congrats on the find!

ariana says:

Well now that you’re going to be a mommy of two you need a bigger bag right? Maybe the Fleurville mothership? ;)

Dawn says:

It’s beautiful! I’m so uber jealous! I wish I had done the right thing the first time around!