Preterm Labor Part II – 32 Weeks

First of all, thank you all sooooo much for voting on Oliver vs. Knut, I think I have decided to get both as many of you suggested!

Because this post will be very long and wordy, here is a belly pic at 32.5 weeks:

How much bigger can she get? Stay tuned. 7.5 more weeks to go!

Ok, onto the preterm labor stuff..

So Saturday we went to my dad’s family picnic in Pennsylvania. On the way back during the 2.5 hour car ride I started contracting… and contracting and contracting. I’ve been having contractions since my last episode, but nothing like this.

Just the day before with my midwife we were discussing how she was worried how I would know when I really needed to go back to the hospital to stop the contractions given that I have them so often. I told her I thought I would know, that they would feel different and not stop like they normally do.

Well these sure felt different.. I was crampy even down in my legs and in my back and these were actually painful unlike the other ones that were just tight. Plus they were incredibly consistent coming every 2-4 minutes for over an hour. Some were so strong I couldn’t even talk through them!

I told my mom who was driving that I thought she’d better take me right to our local hospital when we got back in our home area. This turned out to be a mistake..

My midwife had told me that if I needed to, I could go to any hospital because preterm contractions are considered an emergency that needs to be stopped. I figured I’d go to Good Sam because I had been there the week before for my cervical length ultrasound and at least they’d have me and my insurance information in their system.

I couldn’t believe how rude the nurses and the OB on call were!

They kept asking me why I had switched from Good Sam to Phelps. And when I said I wanted to be delivered by midwives the nurse said “We have midwives here you know.” The OB on call kept making comments about how strange it was that after the first episode they didn’t put me on Brethine for the rest of my pregnancy to keep the contractions at bay (um, because it’s a drug that makes you feel pretty awful most of the time, it makes your heart race!) etc.

Anyway, they put me on the monitor and immediately put in an IV and gave me a shot of terbutaline and said I’d have to stay another hour on the monitor. By now we know the drill.

At this point, its midnight so we are both very very tired. And I don’t know if you’ve ever been in one, but I find hospital beds to be the most uncomfortable things, particularly when you can’t shift/move around without setting off the contraction monitor or losing the baby’s heartbeat.

We have about 5 minutes left until our hour is up.. and of course, I start contracting again. Damn, another hour, another shot of terbutaline.

Finally at 3:30am they discharged me after I’d gone an hour with only minor contractions. Actually, I think I was having more than were showing up on their monitor due to adjusting it, but I wasn’t going to tell them because at that point I just wanted to go home!

I’m a little worried that if I have one more episode like this they may put me on bedrest.. but for now things seem to be OK. My midwives are monitoring me weekly (instead of bi weekly) now, so we’ll see what they say friday.

I just really want to stay out of the hospital until it’s for reals. Hopefully at full term!

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Tessa Walker says:

Feel like a major mommy-brained goof right now… Just relized the date all of these were posted. Even so, your post was very helpful to ease my mind some! Thank you again!

Tessa Walker says:

I just wanted to say how much of a relief it was to pull up your post. I just got discharged yesterday from the hospital with contractions. Had a shot, watched for an hour, and the most numb butt in the world from the hospital bed! lol! I got the same grief over being at a different hospital than where I want to deliver, since I’m from Louisville KY, but got seen at a Madison IN hospital. For pre-term contractions to be an emergency, we sure don’t get treated as though we can go into any ole hospital. I hope your pregnancy stays well, and that your little one hangs in there till his/her big debut! Good luck hon!

Katherine says:

You look so great!!

Toast 2 Mom says:

Adorable picture…look at that preggo belly! :) I sure hope you don’t have to go on bed rest… Good vibes coming your way!

Melanie says:

Ugh! I second the crappyness of hospital beds! And aren’t those monitors so uncomfortable!? I swear they make the contractions more intense and painful. I hope that was your last visit!!

Farah says:

UGH! I am so sorry. I am sending you good thoughts for full term baby!

Dawn says:

Wow! That little guy sure is anxious! Please try to take it easy, you make me so nervous! You look fab by the way, I love your belly!

Chantal says:

First of all, you look fabulous! That sounds like a very scary episode – I’m glad you got out of it ok and without having to be on bedrest. I was at the hospital last night too being monitored after falling really hard in the morning and having weird cramps all day. It’s such a scary thing not knowing what’s going on in your body. Oh – I second the notion that hospital beds are the most uncomfortable thing ever.

Mom Quixote says:

Yikes Ariana! I’m sending good vibes your way to keep your contractions away!

Jill says:

What an ordeal! I’m glad you got to go home (and NOT on bedrest). I hope those contractions stay away! You look wonderful!