Nursery Wall Art

I think I made a decision about the wall behind the changing table!

I posted before about etsy artist John Golden and his “By order of the management” posters, but he has an adorable “woodland critters” series of prints that I think will look great in Jasper’s nursery:

Here’s a mockup, I think the colors work well.

The only question is which ones? They are all so cute!

Here are three of my favorites close up:

I love that they manage to be modern and whimsical at the same time.

Other prints I LOVE but couldn’t figure out how to use well in a grouping:

Animal Alphabet Silkscreen Poster by Petitcollage – $50

Animal alphabet poster by decoylab – $40

I have also always been a fan of Etsy Seller Creative Thursday and think some of her prints would go so well in the nursery, but the image sizes are quite small, but so adorable I may have to get them anyway:

How are you decorating the walls of your nursery?

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ariana says:

Welcome Cynthia,
Much baby dust to you and your husband!

Cynthia says:

I stumbled across your site this morning via another blog and love it! My husband and I have just started trying to have a baby and your site gives us hope! I LOVE the John Golden etsy shop and have saved it to my favorites for when we do get pregnant. Thanks!!! And keep posting. I’m looking forward to hearing about new motherhood!

Laur says:

this posting is so funny, I have 3 friends that are all due within days of each other (in August as well), and I have been trying to talk them all into the John Golden prints. . .

Joanna says:

They all are so cute. The all match the colors in the bedding too, so you can’t go wrong with any of them. I’m can’t be much help!

Stephanie says:

So adorable – I haven’t poked around on Etsy recently, but now I’m inspired! :-)

Chantal says:

Those look awesome! For our nursery, we’ve ordered vinyl in three colors and will be using my plotter to cut out patterns and making our own wall decals.

Jill says:

Those are adorable! My favorites are the giraffe and lion, but any of them would work so well in your nursery! I love the arrangement you have over the dresser.

Mom Quixote says:

Ooh, they’re precious. I also really liked the Industrious Beaver one (!