The Monkey Mural is Finished!

monkey mural in nursery

More pictures over at becoming-home.

Since we decided to put the tree by the crib and not over by the glider, now I’ve got to seriously figure out what to put on the wall behind the glider which is looking a little bare.. a shelf to display cute toys? A print? Wall Letters?

Above the changing table dresser I’m undecided as well:

Art or more storage like this Ikea Expedit Shelf (would use it horizontally to make cubbies for diaper cream, wipes etc):

And lastly, I would like to make a Flensted inspired mobile maby using the birdie shape in the crib bedding.

I know nothing about mobile making, so may cave and buy one but I’d like to give it a shot!

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Jen says:

I love the pale robin’s egg blue color of the walls. Do you know the name/brand of this color? Thanks in advance

ariana says:

Hi Jen, it’s benjamin Moore “crystal blue” :)

ariana says:

Thanks Jill,
Congrats again on your GIRL!

Jill says:

I love it! I love it! I love it!

The tree is just fantastic! Love it!

You look great by the way!!!

ariana says:

Lsaspacey, yes, I love creative thursday. I’m actually trying to decide between those and some ones by John Golden.

Tiffany, I posted some tips on becoming home:
Hope that helps!

Tiffany says:

Could you remind us how you did the monkey mural? Was it a free hand design or something else? It looks fantastic!

lsaspacey says:

Have you seen CreativeThursday’s prints on Etsy. I think these would look great.

tryingin2007 says:

I’m still loving that mural — probably the nicest one I’ve ever seen (coming from a total design snob.)

the prints I got I found on if you can believe it. although I forget the japanese artist’s name. he’s done a bunch of different animal portraits in that style. very cute.

Melanie says:

That came out great!!! I love the shelf idea for by the glider. Over the changing table I didn’t hang anything, I was too afraid of it falling on her while she was on it! But Wall Letters there would be safe and cute!

Farah says:

Look how gorgeous that is! I LOVE IT

Jill says:

OMG! I love it! That’s the cutest little monkey I’ve ever seen!