Ultrasound Results – Cervix is Closed!

I got the best possible news, my cervical length is still 3.5, which means no change at all since my anatomy scan at 19 weeks! No funneling either, so bed rest is off the table, yay!

I had the sweetest ultrasound tech in the world. He’s a young dad of three, and he took the time to show me and explain everything he was looking at including even drawing me a diagram of cervical shapes etc. What a sweetheart.

Jasper scored an 8 out of 8 on the BPP (Biophysical profile) for which you get 2 points each for amniotic fluid level, tone (fetal movement), breath tones (lung function) and growth (femur length.)

He showed me the various pockets of amniotic fluid, where they were and how the measured them, my level was a very nice 15.5.  Honestly baby didn’t look much different than he did at 20 weeks, but it was pretty cool to see his little chest expand while he was taking breaths.

His femur measured for 30 weeks and a few days, so right on track.  He turned on the sound and the heat sensor thingy that shows the umbilical cord exchange between my blood and baby’s and everything looked good there too, so overall, no reason that little Jasper should be quite so eager to get out yet.

I called Lisha the head midwife at Open Door as she was the midwife on call yesterday in L&D. I haven’t met her in person but I love her already. She told me that in light of those results, no bedrest necessary, but also need to take it easy until 36 weeks. I.e. no gym for me or any other strenuous activities (including sex.)

Also, my urine culture and GB strep test came back negative, so I can stop taking the antibiotics they gave me as a precautionary measure.

So the news is all good, now I can return to happier blogging topics like nursery decorating and baby products!!


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Beth says:

I’m so happy to hear this. Good job, Jasper… stay inside for now!

Katherine says:

Since I am due just after you, I can only imagine the stress you’ve been under. I still have 11 weeks to go and am not quite ready to meet my little guy yet. Isn’t it funny how when we were young, those Cabbage Patch Preemie dolls were all the rage? What a gruesome idea now! Glad you are okay. Too bad about the no sex, though.

Dawn says:

Woohoo! SO happy for you! You’re in my thoughts!

ariana says:

Thanks Ladies,
Yes, this is exactly the news we needed.. hopefully no more drama until early August!!

Naomi says:

Great news!! Here’s to an uneventful 7+ weeks!!

Chantal says:

Yay! Excellent news all around! I’m really happy that things are looking so good and that Jasper is doing so well.

Farah says:

Good news!

Sara says:

Phew! That is wonderful news for you and the baby. Here’s to a safe and easy next 10 weeks :)

Mom Quixote says:

I could not be any happier to hear this news. Just awesome, awesome, awesome. Jasper is already a perfect child. (8 out of 8)!