Update on Preterm Contractions..

Thank you all so so much for your kind and encouraging words of support.

Saturday night I was still having contractions, but not as much yesterday day… until they got me hooked up for my monitoring at the hospital. The midwife had ordered an hour of monitoring along with my second shot of steroids to mature jasper’s lungs.

For the first 15 minutes, other than his extreme hyperactivity (calm down in there baby boy, you’re already wearing your old mamma out!) everything was uneventful.. but then, the contractions started again and went on for another 45 minutes. Some were pretty small, but there were a couple that almost felt like mild labor contractions, really strong and with some pain in my lower abdomen.

I couldn’t see the output of the monitor, and kept asking my mom if it was picking up the contractions because the day before, if I started contracting heavily they’d run into the room to see me.  Turns out the monitor wasn’t tight or low enough. After they readjusted they could see them register and I had a couple more big ones and a bunch of smaller.

The Midwife on call was Patricia, the one I’d seen at the clinic on Friday. She was really sweet and teased me that didn’t I know they only delivered “normal full term babies at phelps??” I told her I just couldn’t wait to see them again. Anyway, after my second shot of steroids, she did another internal and said my cervix felt about the same as from yesterday, still high and closed (very good) but soft (not as good).

Since there was no cervical change as a result of the contractions, she left it up to me if I wanted a shot of terbutaline to stop the current contractions I was having.  I declined since she said it would only help for a short time anyway.

The good news is she said I didn’t really need to be on bedrest. I am going for an ultrasound today to my more local hospital to get the cervical length and shape checked, and also what they call bpp (bio physical profile) of the baby to make sure the placenta, baby and amniotic fluid levels seem ok. I hope that everything is alright in there and that his recent hyperactivity isn’t a result of him NEEDING to come out for some reason!

Patricia also mentioned that the one time I did have my cervix measured at my 20 week big ultrasound, it wasn’t that big anyway (3.4) so it won’t be surprising if its pretty low now. She said normal is closer to 5 to begin with.. but more importantly, we don’t want to see any funneling, or the shape changing from a closed T to a more open U type shape.

So, stay tuned, ultrasound at 1pm.. I’ll update this afternoon hopefully with good news.

Thanks again for all your well wishes :)

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ariana says:

You guys rock, thank you so much for all your support!

Sara says:

Hope everything is ok! I’ve got all my fingers crossed for you and Jasper.

Katherine says:

You are one tough cookie! I’m sure baby Jasper is, too. Sending you good healthy thoughts!

Cynthia says:

I’m usually lurk and don’t have time to post at work. Since it takes me about a day to read one post. I just wanted to wish you Good Luck!!! I hope everything turns out well…sending you/hubby/baby positive & healthy vibes!!!!

Naomi says:

I think the info on length sounds a little off. Mine was 4.1 at 27 weeks, and the specialist said that was above average. I think somewhere in the 3 cm range is more normal for this point in pregnancy. I just don’t want you to worry if yours is 3 something. I researched this and never saw mention of anything around 5 cm. Try to double check that.
Again, sorry you are going through this and we’re all sending positive, LONG cervix vibes your way :)

Melanie says:

Im so sorry you are going through this!! i second that those internals SUCK! So painful! I must have had like 20 of them the week before i delivered. yuck. I hope you U/S shows good stuff. Keep us posted!

Mom Quixote says:

(Lou from the Higher Nest here). Happy to hear you won’t be needing bed rest, but still, take it easy and give us some more good news later!

Farah says:

sending you my thoughts

Jill says:

GOOD LUCK! I hope everything looks good today!