You’re not Sexy, You’re Pregnant!

Such were my husband’s words to me when I put on the shirt that I’m seen wearing in the pictures below.

I guess he thought I was showing too much cleavage. Actually his exact words were “You’re not sexy Ari, you’re pregnant Ari!”.

Even he knew that one came out badly and hopefully not how he meant it, but I changed the shirt anyway that night.

But yesterday I decided to wear it anyway because A) I’m mad at Jeff right now and B) It’s only going to fit my belly for about another week or so.

I took pictures because the shirt is one of the ones I blogged about from Forever21.. it’s the bright orange one, but obviously in an off white color.

Without further ado, me sporting the “Your not sexy” shirt at almost 30 weeks.

Look at that side view, I can’t believe I still have 10 weeks of getting bigger, where will it all go??

In other news, I had my first appointment with the midwives this week. I went to the Open Door Community clinic where judging by the whole procedure they aren’t too used to treating people with private insurance. The assistant even asked me why I was there, did I lose my insurance? No, I just want to deliver at Phelps Hospital and have a midwife attended birth!

The clinic is in Ossining, NY about 5 minutes from Phelps hospital which is not in Tarrytown as I’ve been saying but rather in Sleepy Hollow. How cool is that? Jasper will be born in Sleepy Hollow, so romantic sounding… Much better than “Suffern” which is where my ex OB delivers and incidentally the subject of ridicule a sex and the city episode. Remember when Aidan makes carrie go up to his country house? It was in Suffern. (It’s also the town where I grew up!)

Now that I have to go in every two weeks the 30 minute drive is a little bit of a hassle, but will hopefully be worth it. Just keep your fingers crossed that I don’t go into labor during rush hour or I may give birth on the Tappan Zee bridge!

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CandJbabybabies11 says:

oh my god your a tropper i would have balled my eyes out haha you look gorgeous i even asked my boyfriend did he see anything wrong with your top, he said you look good, im sure it was funny, im only 9 weeks and im getting so big already this is my first baby and i keep moaning to jason about how fat i am bless him im driving him mad! but i think you look gorgeous so chin up hot momma !!

ariana says:

Thanks for the support all, in Jeff’s defense he didn’t really mean it that way, but the way it came out was pretty funny! (Do I win understanding pregnant wife of the year award or what?)

Trying, I’m also growing out of some of the maternity pants, the underbelly band ones from Gap maternity. That’s crazy to me because they are a medium..I refuse to buy a large! I used to wear a 2 at old navy pre pregnancy. UGH. I guess its over the belly only now for me, the under ones cut into my stomach when I sit now. Unfortunately I have like 4-5 of these!

Farah says:

Oh I loved that sex and the city episode ..”Sufferin” .. Ha thats funny stuff.

I think you DO look Sexy AND Pregnant!!

Cher says:

I honestly believe that there is nothing sexier than a pregnant woman. You look positively divine!

tryingin2007 says:

you look awesome in your forever 21 top! I am also growing out of a few maternity shirts — ones that I have hardly worn. what a bummer when we have so many more weeks to go.

my old apartment in westchester had a view of the tappan zee. it would be less than ideal to go into labor on that bridge. the traffic is awful! sleepy hollow is cool though.

Jill says:

That shirt is adorable — and you look great! Who says pregnant women can’t be sexy?

Emily says:

I guess a lot of men don’t want the woman carrying their child to be seen as ‘sexy’. I’ve always thought pregnant women are sexy and you are no exception. You and your house are both enviably gorgeous! You’re doing great – Relax and enjoy these last few weeks.