Light Weight Swaddling Blankets

If you are due in the hot summer months like I am, chances are you will appreciate these light weight muslin swaddling blankets from Aden & Anais:

camo swaddling blanket

In camo print, my favorite, (but currently out of stock) $29.95 for 2 pack

4 pack in cute girly pink colors and patterns, $44

4 pack in mod blue and brown circles, dots and stripes, $44

Keep baby feeling cool and looking stylish!

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Jennifer says:


THE best swaddling blankets are made by SwaddleDesigns. I know the owner, and my son was even in an ad she had prepared–he was even on the Nordstrom website there for a while! They are perfect, because they are large, square (important), lightweight cotton blankets. They come in the most adorable shades. Baby blue with brown tiny polka dots, etc. Check them out on Amazon, BRU, etc. You’ll want at least 2.

I didn’t know about Becoming Mom until the nursery tour from Becoming Home. They are both wonderful, I love your style, and I wish you every happiness as you and Jeff become parents.

Bah to handwash. Who would have the time?

Farah says:

OH YES!! I will be ordering these!

ariana says:

I just found them, they are flannel but got terrible reviews!

I guess the quality isn’t so good, plus they are handwash only. What were they thinking? Too bad, they are cute.

ariana says:

Oooh, thanks Lou, I’ll have to check! I think your right, they do have a line of camo stuff by Wendy Belissimo that is super cute.

I know, isn’t it crazy?? This sunday I’ll be 30 weeks…wow!

I don’t know if they are muslin, but I just saw a lot og linen/gear at Babies R Us in that very first camo pattern you posted. Wow: I can’t believe you are only 73 days away now! =)