Maternity Clothes, Who Needs Them?

I got a nice comment from UK reader Kitty about this post about my mostly target spring maternity wardrobe:

I love you Ariana – I have a trip to Ibiza in 3 weeks and was starting to despair
about the swimsuit situation – I was worried my National Geographic centrefold body
would gross all my friends out. Sadly we don’t have Target in the UK – but I have a
friend there who is shipping many of your recommendations to me. The swim shorts
are a real boon!

That inspired me to write about some of the finds I made at a recent trip to Forever 21.. (Kitty, perhaps your friend has one in her area?)

For anyone that doesn’t have a forever 21 in their local mall, I didn’t realize this until recently but they also sell online! Here are some of the cute tops that also work great as maternity wear. (For me going up one size from normal seems to work well).

Alice Tunic   $22.80

Embroidered Woven Tunic $22.80

Draped V-neck Tunic – $24.80

Embroidered Smocked Tunic – $11.50!!

Embroidered Woven Tunic – $22.80

And there are many, many more on their website.


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Mama says:

The Alice tunic is soooo pretty, love it

ariana says:

They do have the best stuff for soooo cheap. I love getting non-maternity maternity clothes.. I feel like I’m ‘cheating’ ;)

So so cute! I love Forever 21. I’ve bought a few dresses there recently that are so perfect for pregnancy!