Babies and BBQ

We had a birthday BBQ  for Jeff at our house this Saturday and all the babies were in tow, including a surprise appearance by brand new baby Lola and her mommy and daddy Sara and Mando. Sara looks amazing for just 10 days post c-section and baby Lola is just beautiful:

Sara and baby Lola

In our group of friends, there has been a new baby every 3 months or so.  Now with Sara having given birth, I’m on deck!

It’s a little scary being next I must say, but seeing how well our friends have taken to parenting and and spending time with their adorable daughters has made us even more excited to have Jasper “on the outside.”

Between all of the other house preparations that my amazing husband did, he still found time to hang a baby swing that Daphne broke in for us:

Daphne enjoying our new baby swing 

After the party Mike, Tracy and baby Gemma decided to stay over so I had a chance to snap some photos of them in the morning, this is my favorite:

Gemma and daddy Mike 

Having baby Gemma spend the night was so much fun, she broke in the dresser/changing table and sat with her mommy in the glider (and gave it rave reviews!)  All of the sudden the nursery went from “room in waiting” to a place that I could actually see myself and our baby using.

Even though the party was a lot of fun, it was entirely too much for me to take on at this point in my pregnancy.. Friday night while shopping for groceries I was having Braxton Hicks contractions almost constantly for over an hour. It was pretty scary.

Sunday, we had big plans to pick up the crib from Walmart and set it up, but we were both so exhausted that we only managed to pick it up. So now its in the back of my Xterra – taunting me because the next evening we have free time to set it up is Wednesday. I’ll post some pictures then!

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ariana says:

Oh yes, he’s going to be quite the little player. Or gay!

Farah says:

Look at all the girls for your boy to chose from ;)

Woohoo! Next on deck. How exciting!