Nursery Changing Table Dresser

Jeff put together the remaining drawers last night so I finally got a picture of the Ikea 8 drawer Hemnes all set up and ready to be used as a changing table! I’m so glad we got the larger dresser, it’s really sturdy and will hold so much more stuff!

ikea hemnes dresser

We also bought the hemnes bedside table, but I’m totally not loving it:

It’s too high, which is no big deal because we can cut down the feet a bit, but I just don’t like it overall, I think it’s too skinny too. Blech.  Maybe we’ll take it back. I also really need a shade for that spindle lamp, which is also too tall for my liking, but the color works well so I may just use it anyway.

I really want this zebra rug (only $69 from urban outfitters) but Jeff HATES zebra about as much as I love it. Wouldn’t it look so cute though?

Still haven’t decided about the blinds/shades yet. I bought the Alvina yellow and white striped drapes that match the yellow and white stripes inside the hemnes drawers, but I’m not sure if I like those either. I guess I’ll have to take them off and putt them on to see. Here’s a pic of them hanging out in the window:

It’s hard to tell, but the yellow is actually a good match for the yellow in the apple tree bedding set.

More decisions!

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ariana says:

Jenna, I’m 5’5.5″ and NO problems at all!

jenna says:

you do not find the hemnes too high?? i am shopping around. i am about 5 ft 5. and with the change pad on top, it’s still an okay height?

pamela says:

hi! i just found your site by searching “hemnes for changing table”. i absolutely love what you have done with your baby’s room! totally hip, but functional. that is what we hope to do. and i couldn’t believe you have the bedding that i’ve been wanting… but it has been discontinued. thanks for the inspiration!

tryingin2007 says:

you are just like me! it’s all in the details. I am currently on the hunt for new knobs for our hemnes ensemble. b thinks I’m nutty. oh well. I’m a designer. this is what I do.

Sara says:

Looks great!!!

Hayley says:

Wow it all looks so amazing. I think the yellow drapes will look cute, yellow is such a nice baby colour and with the stripes it will be so nice. Please try them out soon I’m dying to see what they look like.

The lamp looks dangerous on that bedside table without a shade, like it could fall over at any moment because of its height. Defiantly not baby safe as it is, lol.

I read this blog secretly, my husband doesn’t know because were not having children for a few more years (I’m only 23) and he isn’t exactly into babies (yet, he wants them but he doesn’t want to think about it yet), but I’m so clucky. It didn’t help when I worked in childcare, I loved those kids but know how hard work it is (changing 20 kids nappies 3 times a day is back breaking work) Oh nappies is Australian English for diapers.

Chantal says:

I like the bigger Hemnes drawers. You’re making me wish we had bought the big set of drawers rather than the small one! We opted not to get the bedside table and after reading your comments I’m glad we didn’t get it. I’m really curious to see how the striped drapes look hanging up.

AnNicole/RaisinGirl says:

You have done such an amazing job on this nursery! It’s so hip, but baby friendly. And I have to say, I love that dresser. It may be one of my bedroom purchases down the road.