Third Trimester!

I can’t believe it’s here already. Everyone said time would fly by once we found out the gender and that has been exactly the case. Here’s a pic I took last week, believe it or not I’m even bigger now just a week later:

Still so much to do, but at least I made progress on the midwife/hospital/OB front. I finally finally called a midwifery group that delivers out of Phelps hospital in Westchester (the natural birth and mama friendly one) to find out about switching to them from my current OB practice that I have grown to hate.

Speaking of which, I had a rather weird conversation with a friend of a friend this weekend about her crazy twins emergency c-section story and turns out she used my same practice and she said she loved dr. B, the only one I like at this point but had similar bad things to say about the other docs. Though according to her, dr. P (or the “Bitch OB from Hell” as I like to call her) does come of as bitchy, but is actually quite nice if you “ask her for help” in her words. I told her I don’t plan on ever having to meet her thank you very much. But I do plan on giving Dr. B an earful about the care I’ve received (or lack thereof) since I last saw her and why I am switching out of their care.

By then they should have received the results of the glucose test I took Friday as well as the CBC they ordered. I’m interested to see if my liver functions normalized at all. And then, after this appointment I will be switching my care to the midwives.. yeah!

I’ll let you know how that all goes when I see them 2 weeks later as now I have to go in every two weeks rather than every month.

Progress in the nursery has been made, the crib was ordered, the 8 drawer Hemnes dresser was put together and actually fits where I never thought it would..only half of the drawers have been put together though, so I can’t post a picture yet, maybe tomorrow! The nursery has taken a backseat to party preparations and trying to get the outdoors in order.

Cleaning the house yesterday has made me realize that it is officially the time to get cleaning help every week.. I have never felt so sore as I did last night. My back and feet were throbbing! I’m in my third trimester now, that’s excuse enough – right?

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Dawn says:

You look amazing! Good luck with your new practice! The good news is it will all be a distant memory in 3 months. Heck, in three months you may not even remember your name!

Farah says:

You look so wonderful! So pretty!Yes the 3rd trimester really starts to slow you down. I am so glad that you will be able to change practices.

Stephanie says:

Good luck with nursery and the midwives! I too left an infuriating OB practice halfway through my pregnancy and switched to a midwifery group. I had such a wonderful experience with them (and I should note, my daughter was premature and spent 12 days in the NICU, so it wasn’t exactly an uneventful birth experience) that I was determined to go the midwifery route for my second as well. It’s a very nurturing method of prenatal care. Not only will you see them more often, but your appointments will be longer and they will take time to answer all of your questions, rather than trying to rush out the door. I hope you have a great first appointment!

tryingin2007 says:

you look so great! we put together the hemnes changing table this weekend and it is awesome (even though it’s not an “heirloom” piece) it took a looong time but it is so sturdy! the wardrobe is next.

I also did a lot of cleaning and went to my prenatal yoga class and now my back is killing me! I can barely move today! yikes! it’s terrible!